Checking In

I’ll be honest. I’ve totally lost the drive to blog. And, I think I’ve figured out why (or should it be how). The iPhone. It’s my (electronic) everything. Anything and everything I need to access, review, search, see… it can be done on the iPhone. The iPhone has changed me (well, my electronic me).

It’s funny, people say Facebook has taken away from blogging (well, at least that is what my mboard friends say); I feel the iPhone has taken away the online ‘social’ life. I don’t visit the mboards as often, if at all, as I used to (even though I could check in on the iPhone); I rarely log into my email accounts via computer since all the accounts are on the iPhone; even banking activities are on the iPhone (transfer funds, set up bill pay, etc).

Greg recently celebrated his 31st birthday (well, about 2 weeks ago); we didn’t do anything big like we did last year. Instead, we made home made pizza (Chef Boyardee, Greg’s favorite) and it was just the three of us celebrating. I was able to find, and buy, Photoshop Elements 7.0 and Greg loves it. I also bough a huge ass (Costco size) bag of peanut M&M’s and the box of Peppermint Patties; the M&M’s are gone but we still have some peppermint patties (surprisingly).

The weekend of Greg’s birthday (his birthday was on a Friday) we spent at a local park grilling. We ended up buying a county pass which allows us unlimited entrances to the 5-6 county parks (without a pass it’s $5 per visit). I grilled enough meat to provide lunch and dinner for nearly a week!

We have found a new daycare provider! I met with them last Friday (and brought Amelia) and stayed for nearly an hour and a half! The people are awesome; they are stay-at-home husband and wife team and they are nationally accredited (as well as state) and beginning in July they are going to participate in a state education curriculum – as in teaching and getting the kids ready for school! Even though they won’t be certified teachers, they will be approved to teach the curriculum (by the state). I’m excited!!

Last weekend the three of us went to a birthday party at a local petting zoo. Amelia had a great time (as expected) and enjoyed playing with the other children, chasing the chickens, and petting the goats and sheep! A part of me wishes that Amelia’s birthday was in a part of the year that we could host (birthday) parties as such (well, being able to have an outdoor party). Oh well, I’m sure there are plenty of other outdoor activites we could do in the winter (ski trip??).

This past Sunday Greg and I went seperate ways.. for the very first time! Greg wanted to go to a party that a friend was hosting and I didn’t; the party was suppose to be outside, but due to the rain it was spent inside. Well, knowing Amelia I didn’t want to have to worry about her getting into everything; so I volunteered to drive down to Mom’s and do a little shopping. I bought Amelia the cutest dresses from Kohl’s… all for $6! Everything was 60%+ off. I also bought her 2 new pairs of shoes.

Amelia is visiting with my Mom this week; the babysitter needed 2 days off this week and Greg and I want to save our vacation time for our upcoming trip (see the ticker on the right??).  The visit works out since we’re heading down on Saturday to celebrate Mother’s Day (Greg is already teasing me with what he plans to surprise me with) with my family. On Sunday we plan on visiting Greg’s Mom to celebrate Mother’s Day and her birthday. Maybe. She hasn’t really confirmed our plans (which seems to be the norm with anything on Greg’s side of the family).

As petty as it sounds, I am totally in-love with USAA and their banking! OMG, they’re site is so easy to use (like, scanning a check into the banking account!) and their customer service is awesome! I received my check card and checks within days of opening the account (less than a week). I just can’t wait until the switching of banks is complete.

Well, that pretty much sums up the life and times of … me.


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