Mother’s Day 2009

I had a really nice weekend.

Saturday’s weather turned out to be better than forecasted. Greg and I went down to my Mom’s to celebrate Mother’s Day: Part 1. On the way down we stopped at Home Depot to find a gift and ended up buying a pineapple pear tree (which Greg nor I ever heard of and were intreagued) and a concord grape plant.  Mom loved the gifts! So did I and I can’t wait until the pears are ripe and ready to eat (there were three already on the tree!).

We spent the afternoon grilling, chatting, and napping while at Mom’s. To me, it was too humid and hot and I was a wee bit cranky. We left Mom’s around 7 and were in our neighborhoob right around 9pm. Greg hadn’t bought my present yet and wanted to stop by Best Buy, but as we pulled into the parking lot they were locking their doors! So, Greg dropped Amelia and I off and he ran out to get me a present… he didn’t return until 11pm! And, his phone battery was dead, so I was starting to get a little worried…

When Greg finally came home, he told me of his last minute shopping tails and showed me one gift he bought for me:

Awesome game! the dialog is hilarious! Greg and I stayed up until 1am playing on Saturday night and we just finished our second round of gaming.

This morning Greg and Amelia surprised me with breakfast in bed! I was awoken by Amelia saying, as loud as she could, “Happy Birthday, Mommy” and going into a giggle fit. Then Amelia started to eat my breakfast.

The rest of the afternoon was spent napping (me – surprisingly), reading, and playing another new game on the iPhone: Epic Pet Wars. Addictive little game. Finally, Amelia went down for a nap around 3:15 and Greg ran off to the store to pick up a few items to … cook on the grill! I love cooking on the grill.

Around 5pm we head out to the park. When we arrive, I leave Greg to the cooking while Amelia and I run off to the playground:

Isn’t that the cutest dress! And, her shoes almost match. That’s one of the dresses and shoes I bought last weekend and Amelia received so many compliments on the dress while at the playground.

Amelia loves to be on the swings! I bet she would spend hours on the swings if we would let her.

After a little while Amelia and I head back to our picnic table to see if dinner is ready. Nope. Greg had issues with the fire and the (very strong) wind. After a little persuasion, Greg cooks a few hotdogs for himself and Amelia and attempts to cook a couple hamburgers. The hotdogs cook but not the hamburgers. Oh well. We start to pack up and I ask Greg to take a few family pictures; however, Amelia wasn’t being very cooperative. But, we do get a few (I will have to add them later since the pictures are on Greg’s camera). Around 7:30 we head home. Once home we get Amelia bathed and in bed, Greg cooks dinner (semi-homemade pizza), and I watch Desperate Housewives. At 10pm we play a little House of the Dead and around 11:15 I start uploading pictures and write about my Mother’s Day while Greg works on Michele’s wedding photos.

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