Always Ready for a First

Today was my follow-up appointment for the IUD insertion. I’ve definitely noticed a change in several things, and not to get too TMI-ish, the main thing that’s been consistent is the cramping; it’s been non-stop since day 1, although finally getting less strong. Either way, the CNP was concerned and wanted an ultrasound done just to make sure the placement was correct. Incredibly, I was able to get an appointment for this evening.

I experienced my first inter-vaginal ‘scan’. Wee! The chick handed me the wand and was like, “ok, go under and put it in” and I was like “what?!” and she was like “yeah, just like putting in a Tampon” and I was like “yeah, never used one of those” then the chick put it in… but missed first.

No baby in my uterus. And, the IUD was found. Whether it was in the right spot, I’ll know next Tuesday. Also, I had a good number of follicles in my ovaries. Always good to know… for the future…

Today, I temporarily lost my iPhone. I even called the police to file a report – to which I was told someone would call me back and they never did. No surprise there. But, the phone was found. It some how made its way to the bottom drawer and into a folder. How, I don’t know. But at least it was found.


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