Such a Cliché

“We’re Going to Walt Disney World”


Well, almost.

Earlier this month Greg and I paid a deposit for a week long vacation to Walt Disney World.

At least we get to eat for free.

The trip is a surprise from my Mom – it’s going to be her 50th Birthday present. We’re going to present the trip to her in July … assuming I receive a bonus in July. If I don’t get a bonus then no trip.

My brother is actually joining (and helping pay) us on the trip. The idea is for Mom not to have to pay for anything – this is our treat for her: a real family vacation (well, a cliché family vacation) in the sense that all families go to Disney World for a vacation. This will be everyone first trip – except for Greg. He’s been once. With his ex-fiancé. Actually, he proposed to her on that trip. So, he’s a little weirded by the trip. However, the park(s) have changed since 2004, and he’ll be with different people for different reasons, so, essentially, it’ll be a new trip for him. Or, at least that’s what I keep telling him. It’s starting to sink in that it will be a different trip.

Why Walt Disney World? Mom told me sometime last year that she’s always wanted to go AND that she wants fireworks and to go to an amusement park for her birthday. Well, from my understanding you can get both at Disney World… so…. here we are with a deposit for a trip.

Actually, exactly 4 months from today we’ll be in Disney World (if all goes to plan). Our trip is from 9/27 – 10/02. And, we’ll be celebrating my brother’s 27th birthday during the trip. That could be fun… celebrating his birthday. I bet we could get a lot of ‘freebies’ or at least attention (more than just restaurant servers singing a monotoned song)… who knows!

I have begun to research our dining options since we’ve booked with the free dining promotion (which literally saves us over a thousand dollars)… and, maybe it’s just me, it’s a little overwhelming with the choices! And, the fact that I have to make our reservations 90 days in advance!! I don’t know what food mood I am going to be in 3 months from now! And, to save some money I decided not to get park hopper passes so that means I have to make a dining reservation at one of the restaurants that is within the park of visit for that day and only that day… so I have to figure out which park on which day… without knowing the parks hours and other minute details that are (sadly) needed to make things easier for me.
… yeah, I’m on an internal rant…

Oh well, I’ll figure something out… eventually!

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