All around update

Well, I had intentions of writing a well informed, up to date, current (life) events, post… but, I’ve become lazy, tired, and bored. Therefore, this post will just be random bits of whatever flows from brain to fingers – if that.

  • IUD – more difficult than hoped. OK, so I had the ultra sound about two weeks ago… follow-up appointment after Memorial Day (which I canceled because I didn’t want to pay $25 to have something read to me) to learn that the IUD was not in the correct spot! Well, that would explain a lot of things … then only to be informed a week later that it is in the correct spot and what I am going through is ‘normal’ for up to 8 weeks after insertion. It got to the point that I wanted the damned thing out and to just give up on birth control. I told Greg that we should just have baby #2 now so I can get my tubes tied or something…
  • Baby #2 – Greg’s having second thoughts.  He feels that we have such a good routine going on that another baby would cause chaos once again. Dood, not a good enough reason to not have another baby; finances, house, etc. are standard excuses… but Greg has use something else. Then, Greg challenges me to provide a valid reason to have a second baby! Why do I have to justify something like that? Yeah, I know we’ll never have enough money (and really, who does – well, people in our income bracket) and it will probably take a little longer than we hope to buy our first house… but that doesn’t mean we have to delay other life events.
  • Mom’s Birthday – the planning is going surprisingly well; so far. I must finish the invitations and get those out in the mail (which I hope to do so sometime next week); start buying odds and ends and look into renting the tables/chairs.  Greg and Grandma are expecting 50+ people to attend, i feel more like 30 will show up – over all – not at the same time. I just have a feeling we’re going to over buy and spend. But, I guess it’s better to have too much than not enough.
  • Disney World – still up in the air. still waiting on word about a bonus or not at work. albeit, we are wrapping up the first week of June, however this is the last month of our fiscal year so things have to get completed in a timely manor – which includes our annual review (with raise and bonus – hopefully). In the meantime I am still planning and researching as if the trip is a go. I’m still lost on a lot of things about Disney and making the dinner reservations, but live and learn; trial and error; etc.

That’s all for now.


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