Quick Hello

Yeah, I was MIA for a while. Life has been busy lately.

Mom’s 50th birthday party was a huge success! We had a lot of friends, family, and food!! And, we had fireworks at the end.

We recently added to our little family -a kitten. I’ve named him Sebastian. Amelia is the happest I’ve ever seen her; everything is about Sebastian.

We’ve also started to potty train, like for real. Amelia even has her own panties ( Greg hates it when I use panties to discribe Amelia’s underwear). Amelia has done surprisingly well, but we’re no where done.

I’ve canceled the Disney trip. I wasn’t too excited about it anyway. Instead, Greg and I are looking into a First Anniversary trip and I have my eyes on Las Vegas. My Mom went to Vegas the summer of 07, and a co-worker left for Vegas earlier this week. I’ve done a little research and this trip would totally be affordable! Also, we’re planning on exploring the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. I am feeling excited about this (possible) trip.


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