Hey! Look!!

Another post!

Boy do weekends go by! But, at least I make the most of them.

This past weekend was great! Greg and I went on a shopping spree (literally) at Prime Outlets in Hagerstown, MD. The weather was gorgeous and my girlfriend Michele stopped by for a few hours and shopped with us. And, what made this day more amazing was that Amelia didn’t have a single accident! Driving to Hagerstown was the farthest we’ve driven without Amelia in a diaper and we were curious as to how she’d do.

Can I just say how awesome it is to be able to buy anything I want without having to worry about a budget? Cause, really… it’s freakin’ awesome. I even bought myself a Coach bag! I’ve been lusting over this bag for months and I was so excited to see that it was at the store:

Honestly, I’ve been lusting over two particular totes from Coach; the one above and this one:

Unfortunately, the store in Hagerstown didn’t have the Poppy bag so I bought the Bleeker. Either way, I’m thrilled to have a purse big enough to carry all the items I need and a little more (especially a change of clothes for Amelia).

So, the Coach purse was my one and only splurge yesterday. Otherwise, Greg and I stuck to our list and we bought Amelia 5 new outfits from Carter’s (and, to add, my little girl is wearing 4T and some 5T!! She’s all legs); a few shirts for me from Lane Bryant, and some hiking shoes for Greg and I at Columbia.


Today was busy at the hospital! There were 10 new births yesterday and last night! But, I don’t complain because I love taking their pictures and talking about babies. Also, I’m usually don’t by 2pm which allows plenty of time for me to spend time with Amelia.


Tonight I have to work on my paper for class. I’m doing a persuasive essay on Capital Punishment and why we (as in the US) should fulfill the sentence rather than life in prison. I’ve received some interesting feedback from the professor and my classmates (the ones within my study group), so the paper isn’t going to be too difficult.


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