Weekend Fun

This past weekend I took off from the part time job and headed up to Lancaster, PA to take Amelia to Dutch Wonderland. My cousin and her daughter was suppose to join us, but she had a wedding to attend, so it was just Amelia and me for a majority of the day. And, to my amazement, Amelia was the most well behaved she’s ever been in her nearly 3.5 years of life! She didn’t run off from me, she wasn’t climbing all over the place, she didn’t whine or complain about all the walking or the humidity… she was… just amazing! I was in utter shock. Amelia’s behavior while at the park confirmed that she’s ready for Disney World in September.

Aside from Amelia’s perfect behavior, another great thing about the trip was the extremely low crowds! Most rides Amelia stayed on and rode over and over; such as this one:

She loved the Frog Hopper ride and must have ridden it 10 times (and I’m not  exaggerating).

We also rode the ‘turtles’:

This is the ride at carnivals that is usually clowns and it goes in circles whipping you around…

Amelia even rode the (kiddie) roller coaster … twice!

Which, in my opinion, was a pretty aggressive coaster. I definitely didn’t think children under 3 should ride this. Either that, or I’m getting too old for roller coasters… even ones for little kids!

After the coaster, Amelia and I rode the sky tram:

which was nice and relaxing and had a nice breeze, as well as views:

Eventually Greg arrives at the park; he spent the morning and early half of the afternoon at an air show in Reading, PA.

When  Greg arrived, Amelia and I were waiting for him at the Aqua Theater to catch the show. While we waiting for the show to start, I bought Amelia her first Hawaiian Shaved Ice:

and then watched the show:

The show was cute and Amelia liked it.

After the show, Amelia and Greg rode a few rides together and then we headed over to the ‘no depth’ water park which Amelia and Greg absolutely loved. I didn’t get into my swimsuit because I was exhausted and didn’t feel like struggling into it, so I stayed away from the water exploding fountains as best as I could.

Eventually, it was time to go home. We stopped at Sonic for dinner and Amelia passed out within 10 minutes of heading home. It was a great day.

All photos of Dutch Wonderland can be found on my Flickr page.


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