Afternoon Quickie

Thought I would check out the most recent WordPress App update on the iPhone and write a quick post as well.

I updated my iPhone OS to 4.0 last night; so far, I like the the features especially the Folders. OMG, it makes my life so much better since I’m a bit OCD with the apps and organization. Plus, the OS update will help me get ready for the iPhone 4 when it arrives (my Summer splurge).

Oh! I won a really cool prize from iVillage through Twitter earlier this month! I won a Neutrogena Summer Care package as well as $200 worth of Neutrogena products! I can’t wait until the goodies arrive.

Our plans for the Disney trip are still in effect and we’re finally in the double digits of the countdown. Also, since I was able to find really cheap airfare, we’re going to add a day to our vacation! I haven’t told my Mom, yet. I might keep it a surprise until her birthday.

Well, all out of time.

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