Double Post

Two posts in the same week! Wonderful, right?

Not entirely sure while I’m writing; don’t have anything to really write about, or at least in an entertaining manor.

This afternoon Greg and I took Amelia to her first movie. We went and watched Toy Story 3. Amelia did very well, except during the previews when the volume was really loud but I don’t blame her ’cause I agreed. The only negative about the experience is that Amelia, poor girl, doesn’t weigh enough to keep the seat down so she spent most of the time in our laps.

I plan on taking Amelia to the movies again when I visit my Mom; this time we’re going to see Shrek.

I received my annual review at work on Friday. I feel received a more accurate score than I did last year, and I know we’re going to receive a bonus in July (which will go towards either Disney or my new laptop: Macbook Pro) and I am hopeful for a raise as well. But, we shall see.

I’ve switched back to contacts at the moment. So far, so good. Greg hasn’t really said anything and Amelia hasn’t seemed to notice. It took a few people at work to notice – even when I was standing right in front of them while having a conversation! But, I did receive a very nice compliment from a (male) co-worker that said I looked very nice without the glasses. At first I told him enough with the sarcasm, but turns out he was being genuine. That made me feel good. I shared this with Greg and, of course, he had no comment. I guess jealousy doesn’t run in his blood.

That’s all for now.

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