There’s a lot going on in my world and in others.

Yesterday, a web-friend of mine lost her 22 year old brother in a car accident. This, just after the one year anniversary of loosing her baby Nolan. Her family has been through so much pain and grief. I don’t know how anyone recovers from such loss. She and her family are so strong.

This evening my Mom had to take Scout, our 13 year old Pit bull, to be put to sleep.  He lost all use of his back legs and was in a lot of physical pain. My Mom is devastated. This dog was her baby. When I was visiting last week, Mom and I talked about Scout and his deteriorating health and how euthanasia would probably be best for him, but neither of us really have the strength in our hearts to do so (unless absolutely necessary – like tonight). I wish I could go visit my Mom again; provide her comfort and a shoulder of support. Fortunately, my brother is going to visit this weekend… because it’s Mom’s 51st Birthday.

Work has been insanely busy this week since I’ve been trying to catch-up with the stuff I wasn’t able to do last week. Granted, I did train someone to fulfill my duties while I was away, and she did a good job when she was allowed to, but there are several mistakes I am coming across and I am having to fix them.

Class this semester is a true challenge! The course I am currently taking is for advanced Excel and while I am enjoying the course in of itself, the actual ‘work’ is really requiring me to think! There is so much in Excel to learn! I am so happy that I am taking this course because I can proudly display that I am an expert in Excel on my resume.

I’ve begun my shopping for our Disney trip (in 73 days). I’ve ‘cashed’ in all my earnings from, Swagbucks, YouData, and other similar sites into my PayPal account and I’ve been using those funds for my shopping spree. I’ve already bought Amelia new Tinkerbell Crocs and a Tinkerbell dress. A friend of mine is making a Minnie Mouse dress for Amelia, and I need to buy a few more things.


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