Two Months to Go!

Two months from today we will be here:

We will spend our first day at the resort hanging out by the pool and we’ll probably have a hard time getting Amelia away from this:

The following day is when the real vacation beings… starting with Epcot.

Amelia knows we’re going to see Mickey Mouse and all his friends. She also knows that we have to fly in a big plane to go see him; however, she doesn’t know when we’re going to see him. I can already see the look on Amelia’s face when we arrive at the airport and start to board our plane… OMG she’s going to be so freaking excited… I can’t wait to see the expressions on her face!

And, earlier this year I signed up for Disney’s Give a Day Get a Day promotion which entitles me to free admission to one of the parks, or fast passes to specific rides (depending on the park of choice), or a special set of Disney Pins. The Give a Day, Get a Day was an incentive for me to plan a trip to Disney. Also, to get Amelia potty trained we promised her that we’d take her to see Mickey Mouse … and we have to keep our promise to our little girl.

Earlier this week I booked our airfare AND paid our balance in full! All that’s left is to buy the tickets to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parade and to pre-purchase our Photopass CD.

It’s finally starting to sink in that we’re going on our first family vacation and it’ll be our first trip to Disney.

I’ve almost become obsessed with ways to preserve the memories of our trip by looking at scrapbook items. Earlier today I went to A.C. Moore just to see what kind of Disney scrapbooking stuff they have… and then went to eBay to see how much cheaper I can buy everything. Greg and I got into a little bit of a debate over scrapbooking (yeah, seriously); he wants to create a digital scrapbook of our trip whereas I want to hand make one and have Amelia be a part of it. In the end, we’ll end up having two books… or more!

Also, this week I bought… or I should say ‘ordered’, my new phone… the iPhone 4! My 3G is starting to show its age and it is hella slow! I am still waiting for a status update from ‘processing’ to ‘shipped’… I’m hoping it happens sometime this week.

Today marks week 4 of my 8 week college course… which means when we’re at Disney, I’ll also be at week 4… and that i’ll have to bring my laptop with me. It’s kinda interesting to put a time line of the courses with the vacation… 4 weeks from today we will be 1 month away from the trip… 4 weeks after that I’ll be half way through that course and at Disney World!

Well, I just finished my quiz (scored 100%) and it’s time for bed.


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