Busy Bee

These past few weeks have gone by so fast!

My weekend with Michele was awesome! We hung out and explored parts of Maryland that I’ve never seen, or thought that I’d never visit. And, to Greg’s delight, I managed very well during the long car ride… all thanks to the iPhone 4 and its incredible battery life!

The adventure didn’t stop when we left! When we made it home, Amelia started having some kind of allergic reaction to something; she was breaking out is hives and or rashes all over her body. We took Amelia to urgent care and they had no idea what was going on (wow, what help y’all are) and prescribed a steroid to stop the inflammation. The medication worked, somewhat. Fortunately, we have an appointment with a pediatric dermatologist at Johns Hopkins Childrens Center this week; maybe we’ll learn what is going on with Amelia’s skin.

… … … … …

This week I have to take my final exam! I can’t believe I’ve finished my 6th class. If I earn an A for this course (which I currently have), then that gives me 5 A’s and 1 C and a GPA of 3.66. Not bad, if I so say myself.

… … … … …

We’re only 34 days from our first family vacation! I received some mail from Disney’s Magic Express, which were stickers for our luggage in order to have them delivered to our room when we arrive. Unfortunately, there was an error on our reservation which meant a new booklet needs to be sent. Boo. But, Amelia did have fun with the stickers!


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