19 Days & Counting

We’re 19 days from our first family vacation!

I’m still in a bit of disbelief that we’re actually taking a week long vacation, as a whole, and that we’re going to Walt Disney World! To be honest, I was never a Disney fan… I was more of a Loony Tunes person (Tweety was my favorite); but since Amelia is all about Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse, we have to go to Disney World.

A girlfriend of mine from high school made a Minnie Mouse dress for Amelia:

She also made a cute bracelet and two matching hair bows (or barrettes… however you call them). Amelia absolutely LOVES the dress! I had to bribe her to take it off!

.::. Side note: I totally hate the new Flickr .::.

This weekend we accomplished a lot of our ‘To-Do”s before the trip:

We all got hair cuts

We got a good bit of shopping done and started packing!

Also, Amelia and I made a Countdown Chain to our trip!

And, probably most excitingly, we received our ‘tickets’ to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!


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