So Close!

We are 12 days away!

Today, Greg and I took the day off of work (planned several weeks ago) with the expectation that we were going to go to DE for some tax-free outlet shopping. But, since we were able to find and buy most of the things we needed locally there wasn’t a need to drive to DE anymore. Instead, I slept in while Greg went to visit with the eye doctor (Greg is wearing contacts now, primarily for the trip) and follow-up on the prescription. Then in the afternoon we ran a slew of errands. First, we drove down to my friends house to drop off a CD of the pictures we took of her newborn from back in July, then we ran to the post office to ship the items we sold on eBay (earned an extra $150), then it was off to the mall for a late lunch and shoe shopping. I needed to buy tennis shoes for our trip since I don’t own any and I am brand specific when it comes to shoes specifically for a lot of walking. Fortunately, JC Penny had my brand on sale for $30 (Nike) and we were able to buy a matching pair for Amelia! We also bought new socks for everyone, Greg bought a few new t-shirts and some cologne, and we bought a few clothes for Amelia.  After our trip to the mall, I went to one of my favorite eye waxing places to get my eyes waxed for the trip and then we ended our errands at Sams Club.

We also did some online shopping and Greg bought carry-on luggage and a new camera bag:

the carry-on also carries my laptop!  I wanted to buy the red version but Greg said no (boo).

..::.. wow, that’s a lot larger than I was expecting! ..::..

this is Greg’s new camera bag.  I, personally, prefer the backpack style, but this one is good because it can fit both our camera bodies, everyone of our lenses, and all of our extra stuff (such as the tripod, flash, etc). This also carries a laptop but isn’t big enough for my 17″ laptop.

So, it appears … i think… that we are pretty much ready for this trip!

Last night I was looking up video’s of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parade and I finally started to get excited about the trip.


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