9/25 – Travel Day!

**I’ve decided to write about our trip to Disney World.  My experience wasn’t as ‘magical’ as it could have been (I believe the heat had an effect on that), and it was pretty damn exhausting, but Amelia seemed to enjoy herself and that’s all that matters*

We woke up a little before 5am to shower and run a final check of all our baggage. We woke up Amelia around 5:30 to get her dressed… which she pretty much slept through.

At 5:45am I texted my friend that was driving us to the airport, DCA, to make sure he was awake. Sure enough, he was already on the road to our condo.

By 6:00am the car was loaded and we were pulling out of the parking lot… ahead of schedule!

The drive to DCA was uneventful and we arrived within 40 minutes. Security was a breeze and we were at our gate within 20 minutes. I decided to get us some breakfast before our direct flight to MCO.

Pretty soon we were boarding the plane. (pics to come later).

Before we know it, we’ve landed at MCO! We took advantage of Disney’s Magic Express so we didn’t have to wait around for our luggage. However, it was a bit of a hike to the Magic Express check-in!

We had just arrived after our resort bus left which made us first in line for the next bus. While we waited for the bus, I called my Mom to let her know we landed safely and that Amelia did very well on the plane ride (we loaded up my old iPhone with her favorite shows and movies and bought her a set of child sized headphones and she was occupied during the flight. I used a gift card that I received and bought internet service for the flight and watched a movie on Netflix and chatted a little on Facebook).

Our bus arrives and we are led outside… then we’re attacked by the love bugs! There were so many of those things flying everywhere! The buses windshields were full of dead love bugs. I was so distracted by those flying annoyances.

Once the bus is loaded and we’re on our way to the Caribbean Beach Resort!

We arrive at the resort and go to the online check-on queue to pick up our room keys. When we noticed where our room was, DH wanted to change our location which meant we had to wait for our room to be ready.

To kill time, we went to the food court to eat some lunch. As soon as we opened the door, we were greeted by a family from Canada. They asked if we had just arrived or if we were leaving. We stated we literally just checked in and they asked if we wanted their stroller! They went on the explain that it would cost an extra $15 to check the stroller and they paid less than that to buy it, so they asked if we wanted it. After a little hesitation, we accepted their offer and it turns out to be the greatest ‘thing’ on the trip!

After we ate lunch, we headed over to the pools and had a great time going down the slides!

We stayed at the pool for a couple of hours. When I checked my phone, I had a text message informing us that our room was ready!

We stayed at building 51 and had a first floor room. Our location was in the middle of bus stops Jamaica and Aruba, but after a few days we determined Jamaica was closer (or at least seemed closer).

Once we changed into dry clothes, we headed over to Downtown Disney for some dinner and exploring. We ate at Earl of Sandwich which DH and I enjoyed. Then, we had dessert at Ghiradehli’s. Amelia wanted to ride the carousel a few times and I wanted to shop at the Christmas shoppe!

I could have easily spent all our money, and then some, at the Christmas Shoppe. Fortunately, I was able to restrain myself and I only bought two ornaments… for now.

Eventually, we start to feel tired and decide to head back to our resort. Tomorrow, we’re going to Epcot!

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