Thanksgiving 2010

This year we were joined by my father-in-law, Steve, my uncle from Chicago, Tommy, and my cousin, Nate,and his wife, Kate,  from North Carolina made it up; so we had a lot of out of town visitors!


*missing are my Mom and brother… who knows where they went*

Amelia and Olivia had a great time feeding the birds bread.

And my cousin announced her pregnancy! Olivia is going to be a big sister! The baby is due at the beginning of July. I am so freaking excited for her. And, I totally have baby on the brain now.

This year I made chorizo and apple stuffing and it was so effing good and Greg made the cranberry sauce which he is addicted to.

*stuffing is in the center of the table*

and once the food settled a little in our bellies it was time for dessert! We also sang Happy Birthday to my grandma (Amelia and Olivia’s great-grandma) since her birthday is next week.


It was a great Thanksgiving. I am so happy I was able to spend the day with those that I don’t get to see regularly.




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