Christmas ’10

Well, Christmas has come and gone.

It totally doesn’t feel like a Sunday to me and I’m totally not ready to go back to work after having four consecutive days off (not counting working at the hospital this morning); I’m afraid to find out what’s waiting for me in my work inbox (well, the website’s inbox really). I wasn’t able to get as much done as I had hoped last Wednesday. Oh well… job security, right?

This Christmas was really good. We spent Christmas Eve getting Amelia’s new mattress and then hanging out with Grandma K (Greg’s Mom) and Ken. We had a great evening just catching up and opening gifts. Then I hosted Christmas at our place, for the very first time, and cooked a pretty big dish: Prime Rib! Surprisingly, it was pretty good; not the best piece of beef I’ve had (that was at Disney World), but I didn’t burn it, nor over cook it. And, sadly, I didn’t take any pictures of it. I also baked potatoes (a first, believe it or not) and made a green bean casserole. My Mom made home made rolls.

Amelia received a lot of nice gifts from everyone: A bike (her first), a new bed with new bedding (bed frame from Mom and Van, bedding from Sean), the Tag reader system (which she’s using very well and is enjoying), a lot of markers and coloring items, a lot of board games (Candy Land, Twister [really a joke gift from my girlfriend, Michele, as it came with a bottle of wine], and Disney Matching game), some socks, new jammies, new undies, and little knick knacks. Greg bought me a whole bunch of new clothes (shirts, dresses, shirts), Grandma (mine) gave us cash, and $55 worth of iTunes gift cards (gave $20 worth to Greg), and I bought Greg a food scale and other related items to support his diet (almost 70 pounds lost!!)

On to the pictures!

The items in the picture above came from Greg’s Dad (all the Fig’s goodies) and Greg’s grandparents from Alabama.

This was our tree with all the gifts wrapped (and the cat eying it up)

Amelia walking down the hallway acting shy…

… and hiding behind the couch.

Amelia finally starts opening the presents!

Amelia loves her bike. We took her outside after dinner and she rode it around the tennis court by the condo. For someone who’s never ridden a bike before, she figured it out real quick! I wouldn’t be surprised if the training wheels come off this summer!

Below are some pictures taken while visiting Greg’s Mom and brother:

Candid picture of Greg, who I would like to say is the greatest husband, father, friend, and man I’ve ever known.

Greg reading to Amelia

Amelia opening a present from her uncle Ken

and then Amelia giving someone *a* look! Ha ha ha

Grandma K’s Christmas Tree

Below are pictures that were taken when my family arrived and we started opening presents:

If you’d like to see all the pictures from Christmas just click on this link.

So, let me just tell you about Plants vs. Zombies; this game is highly addictive and totally worth the $2.99 for the iPhone 4 app. I have not stopped playing it since I’ve downloaded it (the phone battery is charging right now, otherwise this Christmas post would have never been written). I’ve played the computer version in the past and was too cheap to buy it for the iPhone (I don’t spend more than $0.99 on apps) until I received the iTunes gift cards! As soon as I loaded my iTunes account with the gift cards I downloaded the game and haven’t looked back. Seriously, pay the $2.99 and get the game. You won’t be sorry.

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