Mimi’s a Big Girl

Well, my baby girl is no longer a ‘baby’; she’s all grown up!

This past Friday Amelia went to her very first sleep-over and didn’t want to come home!

I was stressing over the sleep over all Friday at work (I work with Amelia’s best friends Mom, Gina) and I was so afraid that Amelia would be an absolute terror and just cry her eyes out once she was there. But, to my surprise, the complete opposite happened; my little girl had a blast!

Amelia and her best friend, Lauryn, stayed up until 1am playing and watching movies and slept until 10am (which Amelia has never done) and didn’t want to come home when Greg and I arrived to pick her up!

Gina calmed my nerves by sending me texts and pictures of Amelia letting me know she was going great:

I still can’t get over how old Amelia is getting…


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