And Another Thing…

Work. Ugh. I hate how sometimes it’s “I need them more than they need me” rather than “they need me more than I need them.” It would be nice to work only because I want to rather than I need to.  So, here’s the thing now: my ‘work husband’ is transferring to our Texas office and his spot will soon be available to fill. I’ve been told by my ‘work husband’ that the manager has his eye on me to fill ‘work husband’s’ spot. I trust ‘work husband’ and since his source is the manager, however the company has to go through formalities when it comes to promoting within, which is completely understandable… yet we all know the manager has favorites and that I am one of them (and, while we all know this, I don’t take advantage of it). Where’s the issue? Well, I don’t know if I want the new ‘job’. Granted, it comes with more pay (roughly a 15% increase in my salary), and a new ‘title’ which is considered a promotion rather than a lateral move, but there isn’t any challenge with this position; I am not going to learn any new skills and if anything I’ll have a lot more down time and will be waiting for something to do rather than being constantly busy in my current role.  Obviously, I don’t care all too much about the money… what’s wrong with me, right? Greg and I have calculated the extra 15% would alleviate the need to work the part-time job (and still provide some extra money), and the increase in income would look good on the mortgage application (and probably get us a higher pre-approval amount). But, to me, it’s not about the money, it’s about my level of happiness at my job. I’m torn over what to do. Greg, the wonderful husband that he is, supports what I want and makes me happy versus money.  On the other hand… having the extra (guaranteed) income would be really nice and would give us more money to spend on the cruise in the Fall, pay off the debt a little faster, etc.  … Ugh!



There were going to be other things that I wanted to touch base on but 1) I don’t remember what they are and 2) I’ve lost my interest in writing them (whatever they were).

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