Baby Girl

Amelia was sickest she’s ever been earlier this week. So sick that Greg and I took her to the ER  because she would not stop throwing-up!


Of course, when Amelia is sick all she wants is her Daddy. And, Greg is more than happy to do whatever it takes to keep his baby girl happy.

The pediatrician on-call at the hospital gave Amelia Zofran to see if that helps stop the vomiting and it did. However, while we were waiting to make sure the medication worked, Amelia spiked a fever of 102.7 and the doc wouldn’t let us go until the fever was brought down. This took several hours, even after a dose of children’s Tylenol.

We didn’t get home until 3am. Amelia woke up at 6am and started throwing-up again and her fever was back with a vengeance. Greg, the doting dad that he is, went out to Walgreens and filled Amelia’s prescription for Zofran so we could give it to her. The medication helped a lot and Amelia was able to keep the Gatorade down, but then the diarrhea started. My poor baby girl; she cried every time she had to go because it burned. I felt so horrible.

Eventually, Amelia took a nap (and so did Greg) and I went out to run a few errands and go to the laundromat because our washer broke!

Today, Amelia is finally on the mend. She’s actually gotten out of bed (aside from when she needs to use the bathroom) and went into the living room, and she’s asked for something to eat for the first time since Tuesday. Hopefully, Amelia will fully recover over the weekend and will be ready to return to her normal self by Monday.


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