Update 3.24.11

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write an update but I am always getting distracted.

Greg and I attended our homeownership introduction course last night. Of course, Greg and I interpreted what was discussed completely different from each other; but I am excite that we have the ball rolling to (hopefully) become homeowners by the end of the year.

Amelia is doing so amazing! We’re going to enroll her in a Summer School/Camp this year to get her adjusted to a school setting … because we’re going to enroll her for school this Fall! My baby girl is old enough for school! At times I thought this milestone would never get here and then it’s like it arrived too fast.

School is going well. I’m actually enjoying the current course, database administrations. It’s a little more challenging then I anticipated, but I’m holding down a solid B for my grade.

Work. There are a lot of changes coming up. First, I formally submitted my resignation notice to the part time job; April will be my last month. Second, I submitted my resume for a new position at my current full time job; this position would change my working hours from 8-5 to 11-8, and, hopefully, bring in more money.

Cruise plans are still in effect. I’ve begun the hunt for airfare and so far AirTran is offering the best rates – let’s just hope they’re still the best when we’re ready to buy!

Overall things are going well. I can honestly say that I am happy and I don’t wish things were different.


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