123 & And More

Only 123 days until we set sail to the Caribbean again; this time with my best-est girlfriend Michele and her family.

There was a period of about a week that we weren’t sure the cruise was still on (even though Greg and I paid off our balance in June) so Greg and I were debating on what to do – take a different cruise, NCL, which is longer and cheaper, or go back to Disney World and surprise Amelia.  In the event we had to cancel the cruise with Michele we decided to take an NCL cruise and keep our next Disney World trip as planned for January 2013.



Greg and I will be taking the two mandatory classes – the classes that are required to ‘graduate’ from the first time home-buyers program – in August. This means that we are this -><- close to house hunting with the ability to actually purchase! I am getting so freaking excited… whereas Greg, believe it or not, is somewhat getting cold feet! Greg is worried that we’ll pick the wrong house and end up like The Money Pit; also, it’s a little scary that this – the whole house hunting for real – is actually occurring and that a dream that he’s had as long as I’ve know him is about to come true.

Greg and I talk about our ‘house’ daily. Mainly, we talk about our necessities, such as minimum 3 bedrooms (Greg’s) and minimum two toilets (mine), two floors, open kitchen (no galley kitchens!) and a decent yard, as well as things we’re willing to over-look knowing that either it’s a cosmetically change (wood paneling) or something we can enhance or build off later (expanding the kitchen or knocking down/adding a wall).

We’ve informed our landlord of our plans and we’re renewing our lease for another 6 months and then going to a month-to-month lease.

It still seems so surreal! Greg and I could be homeowners in as few as 9 months!


Speaking of 9 months….

I’m 5 days late as of today. I haven’t taken any POAS tests because, frankly, I don’t trust them (and I have living proof as to why). However, I have an appointment later this month with my primary care physician and I’m going to request a blood test to check if things haven’t changed by then.

My cousin April had her baby on July 7th and Greg and I, with Amelia, visited this past weekend and took some amazing photos. Later, Amelia stated that she wants a baby sister and I told her that she’s going to have to ask Daddy, to which she does, and Greg’s response was “you just got a new kitten”. Amelia completely ignored Greg’s response and asks me “Mommy, will the new baby come out of me or you?” Amelia had everyone in the room laughing!



Amelia is doing so well in her summer school/camp. They go on weekly field trips, to a community pool twice a week, and all sorts of activities. I am so happy she’s getting to experience so much more at this new place.

Also, in a few weeks (8-9 I think), Amelia will officially be in pre-school! I can’t believe my little girl is growing up! I can’t believe that 6 months from today Amelia will be 5 years old!! FIVE.YEARS.OLD! Oh.my.gawd.



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