1. July 15 – Greg is laid off after nearly 11 years of service
  2. August 6 – Greg, Amelia, and I are involved in a car accident; we were rear-ended. Thankfully, none of us were injured, especially Amelia
  3. August 11 – my cell phone, an iPhone 4, was stolen… from my job… which means it was a co-worker that took my phone
  4. August 12 – we learn Greg’s car is totalled. The insurance check, that we would use to buy a new car, is all going to the bank loan; we don’t receive a penny. Greg is forced to close out his 401(k)
  5. August 14 – I learned my Uncle Tommy, my Mom’s only brother, was found dead in his apartment by his roommate. We don’t know many details other than we suspect he fell while in the bathroom. I’m not sure if an autopsy is going to be done so we will truly know, that’s up to my Grandma. I do know that he’ll be buried here, in Maryland, along side his father, my Poppop.
I was hoping to worst was over after this past Friday.

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