Monday Madness

It has been borderline chaotic today. There are two reasons why I say borderline: 1. the chaos calmed down significantly after 6:30pm; 2. I received good news from a vendor that will make my work-life so much easier.

To give you a number of how busy I’ve been; in a typical 9 hour work day (I get an hour for lunch), I walk between 1.7-2.0 miles within the office (which is a hair over 7,000 sq. ft); today, at the time of this writing (7:55pm), I’ve walked 2.8 miles. And, I didn’t walk at all during my lunch hour like I normally do (I sat in my car, ate my chicken sandwich, and listened to the radio – I did not want to be in the office and the weather was AMAZING).

Greg had his first dentist appointment since… high school. It didn’t go well. According to the dentist, he needs 4 crowns and roughly $10K in dental work (!!!!). I don’t him to get a list and prioritize the items that are most urgent.

Tomorrow, Amelia has her first dental appointment. I wish I could be there with her, but my schedule doesn’t allow. I’m sure Amelia will do fine, but this is a mile stone…


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