Can You Keep a Secret?

Maybe ‘secret’ isn’t the right word.

Greg and I are horrible at keeping surprises from each other.

Let’s just say I know what my big Christmas present is:

And, it’s in that beautiful Empire Red color. I’ve been wanting a Kitchen aid mixer for a while. And, even though we don’t have the counter space to use it to its full potential, I’m still going to use it. Now, I just have  to figure out what I want to make with it…

Also, it doesn’t help that I know the mixer is sitting in the bedroom closet begging me to use it… Maybe, Greg will let me have my present early and let me make something for Thanksgiving with it.

In continuation of our inability to keep surprises from each other, Greg knows about the upgrade I made to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. So now the trick is for Greg to pretend to be surprised when Mom and I share the surprise on Christmas morning (hey! I can keep a secret!) Since (accidentally) sharing the news Greg is even more excited about our trip in 57 days.


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