Ever have those moments when you’re having a conversation with yourself?

No? Guess it’s just me.

I was in the shower and started to think about things and ended up having a conversation with myself, in my mind. And, this it occurred to me that I was ‘blogging’ in my mind, except that I wouldn’t remember what I was ‘blogging’ about. So, here I am writing.

My girlfriend, Michele, came home last night from her trip to Florida. This was the week that we were all going to cruise together but everyone had to cancel for various reasons; although Michele and her family still went to Florida, but not on a cruise.

Anyway… Greg went to pick up Michele and her family from the airport when I got home from work. When they got back, Michele’s boyfriends truck wouldn’t start. So, the boys head over to the ghetto Wal-mart (I told them to go to Target) and get jumper cables. Well, I guess the jumper cables were duds because that didn’t work. So, Michele calls AAA and a person is here within 20 minutes (I was impressed!) and they jumped the truck and they’re off. It was about 10pm when they finally started to head home… the 3 hour drive!

I did a lot of online shopping yesterday. I pretty much bought everything Greg wanted. Some of these things include:


A Black Rapid camera strap, the R-5 Cargo:

and tripod fastener:

Greg wants these items to use for the Disney trip.

I also bought Greg a jersey:

It’s an Ashton Villa jersey… all the way from England!

The rest was ordered from his Amazon wish list and a few items I picked up from Disney Store (bought Amelia some new pajamas since they were buy one, get one free).


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