Milestone: First Tooth Lost

Barley two weeks later my baby girl lost her very first tooth.











I’m still in disbelief that we’re at this stage in Amelia’s life.

But, boy was this girl excited that she lost that teeny, tiny, tooth! She was running all over the place, jumping up and down bursting with excitement and energy.

Then came the big question: What does the Tooth Fairy bring nowadays? So, I shared the news on Facebook and asked my friends and family. It appears that money is still favored, but how much? I only had a $10 bill and a few ones, that we were saving for Amelia to buy lunch. Greg was content on giving her the $10, which I shared on Facebook, and everyone agreed (with me) that it was too much. So, we ended up giving her two dollar bills.

Next surprise: Telling Mimi she’s going to be a BIG SISTER!


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