Ramble Brain

I can’t believe I’ve reached 16 weeks of pregnancy.
Of course, it helps that my due date was moved up 11 days earlier this month.
I received my NT results last week and everything is A-OK with bitmap. My next OB appointment isn’t until the beginning of August (I’ll be a day shy of 18 weeks), but I’ve scheduled an appointment with a business that only does ultrasounds for gender reveals or just for pictures. So, I am crossing my fingers that on July 30th we’ll get to find out what we’re carrying and then get to go shopping for the baby’s first official outfit! My Mom is driving the hour and a half to attend this appointment as well and we’re going to make a day out of it (along with Greg and Amelia). Needless to say everyone is excited and anticipating this appointment.
Last week, after I made the appointment with the ultrasound place, I had a dream that during the ultrasound we found out we’re having a girl. This was my first pregnancy related dream. A day or so later my girlfriend, Michele, sends me a text telling me she had a dream that I was having a girl as well. Up until the dream I’ve been dead-set on feeling we’re going to have a boy. July 30th can’t get here fast enough!
This week I’ve noticed a lot of … ‘pops’ and flutters… going on and I’m contributing those feelings as the baby moving around. It’s not constant nor have I noticed a pattern, but it’s nice to feel it and know that the baby is active.
I’ve definitely noticed a change in my emotions over the past week. I’ve become less patient, easily annoyed, and can cry on queue for any reason. And, I don’t know it it’s the hormones/emotional changes, but I’ve been thinking about my expectations of beginning this journey to becoming pregnant in 2012. I honestly did not expect it to happen. I was not emotionally invested in the two cycles we were on Clomid because I did not expect it to work. I especially didn’t expect it to work that month that it did! I am one of those women that can say she knows exactly when she became pregnant – the date, location, every.little.detail! This may be a bit of TMI, but our little bitmap was conceived when we were in Ocean City, MD in during our Spring Break trip. We only ‘did the deed’ once, and we had to be quick since Amelia was in the living room watching a cartoon, but that’s all it took! I also remember thinking on the drive back if this was the month we were going to get lucky and getting this ‘giddy tingling’ feeling as I thought about it.

Changing subjects…
Amelia is doing well; she’s been going to a summer camp since school let out. We had some issues earlier with her resistance to going (she was saying she doesn’t have fun and that they make her cut too much paper), but things have changed over the past two weeks. I think her issue was that she’s one of the youngest kids there and the older kids don’t want to play with ‘little kids’ and I think Amelia has made a good friend to spend the day with.
I can’t believe my little girl is going to start kindergarten this fall. I know I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it. I can remember with such vivid details every little thing about Amelia during any point in her life… I wonder if I’ll have the same ability to remember everything with bitmap…
I’ve been trying to convince Greg that we need to take a ‘babymoon’ to Ocean City before Amelia starts school. Of course, he’s concerned about money (typical male thing), but I’ve found some inexpensive hotels outside of Ocean City for less than $100/night (including taxes)! Plus, it would only be for two nights. I think Amelia would love going back to Ocean City when it’s more ‘alive’; the whole boardwalk is open, there’s games and rides, attractions and she can swim in the ocean (rather than, when we went in April, everything closed for the season and it being cold and windy— though that didn’t stop her from getting in the ocean). I think with enough convincing we’ll go.
I’ve also been re-thinking our five year anniversary plans since, when the time arrives, the baby will also be turning one years old. I was thinking, since Amelia has been asking, about going back to Disney World for our 5th anniversary. Greg is against it since the baby will be too young and not remember anything about the trip – which, while he’s correct, it’s not that big of a deal for me; plus we’ll have the memories and pictures to show the baby when s/he is older… and we’ll probably plan another trip just for the baby (when s/he’s older) just so they’ll have the memories (Greg’s a little demanding when it comes to creating family memories). Yet, the thought of another cruise is so appealing. I loved the cruise we went on; I loved visiting the different islands and experiencing the cultures. But, the only downside to the cruise is that you can’t personalize it as much as you can a trip to Disney World. Yes, you can book excursions for when you’re on shore but that’s about it. Whereas at Disney World, each day is different; different foods and a different park with its own personality, etc. Greg says I just like to plan detailed things and Disney World is the only ‘vacation’ that requires such details. Maybe he’s right. But, I will also admit there is a ‘love/hate’ relationship I have with Disney as well. So, at times I feel annoyed that I want to plan another trip.
Well, this is the longest post I’ve written in a long time! Guess I’ve got a lot going on in my mind (and I admittedly do) and felt the need to ‘dish it out’. There are more things I could write about, such as the nearly 20 books I’ve read since mid-April (when I bought my Kindle), to share some pictures of things going on and where we’ve been lately, or just more ‘stuff’. But, I am at work and I need a ‘break’.

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