4 Weeks

Ugh. What a rough two weeks we’ve had here.

Food poisoning/stomach virus that sent me to the hospital for low blood sugar (blood pressure, dehydration, etc); Greg spraining his ankle, asthma difficulties for me, and then Greg and Amelia getting the stomach virus. Totally rough. And, just when I thought we were all better, Amelia is still having episodes of barfing (her words) and today I wake up in the wee hours of the morning with a sour stomach as well.

Fortunately, I had my 34 week check up scheduled today. So, while at the office we discussed the nausea and plan of action with the diabetes. And, I got to stay home. Also, we discussed induction and/or c-section. On Monday we learned baby girl is transverse with little expectations of her heading head-down (given the gestational age). It’s all good for me; no fear or anything. So, with this information I talked to the doc today and we decided to schedule a c-section for 12/20 at 1:30pm. If baby girl flips before the surgery then it will be an induction. Either way, I’m booked for 12/20 to have this baby girl. It feels good to have a definite date than ‘waiting things out’. Greg, on the other hand, had a mini freak-out… like, “we only have 4 weeks”. Yep. 4 weeks to go.


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