4 Month Check-Up

Sofia @ 4 Months of Age

Sofia had her 4 month check-up this morning. She became cranky as soon as we arrived. She must have known that she would get her shots today.


Length: 25.5 inches

Weight: 15.66 lbs

Sofia has been rolling over since she was 12 weeks (yes, on my first day back to work, Greg sends me a video of Sofia rolling over). She can even hold her bottle!

Sofia has had amazing head control since she was about a month old. Below is a picture from Easter, when Sofia was a little over 14 weeks old:













There’s no head wobble here. Also, doesn’t it look like she’s going to be a red head?

Sofia will talk your ear off! She loves to coo and do raspberries at you.

The pediatrician stated we can start her on foods, if we wanted. I’m toying with the idea. Sofia has been chewing on her fingers and hands for weeks! Of course, I’d only start with rice. We’ll see.

Also, Sofia has outgrown all her 3 mos clothing… sorta. The outfits (onsies) fit ‘body’ wise, but not length wise. Greg dressed her in a 6 month onsies and she was swimming in it, but it it perfectly for length. I think we’re going to a have a tall girl, here.

I can’t wait for Sofia to start babbling more, sitting up on her own, crawling, etc. But, at the same time, I’m sad that she’s already out of that ‘newborn’ phase — when I could just snuggle her teeny tiny body on my chest while I read or watched TV. I already miss the tiny cries she had and all the other little newborn noises she made.

Babies, they grow up so fast!


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