Nine Months

I can’t believe 9 months ago I gave birth to Sofia. This time last year I was only 25 weeks pregnant and so ready to meet our little girl.

Sofia amazes us everyday with how quickly she’s learning and adapting. Sofia waves to Greg and I from the crib every morning while saying “hhhhiiiii”. If only Sofia liked to sleep. She’s not into naps, at all, and is wide awake and ready to party at 5:30AM.

In other news, Sofia is a crawling machine! She’ll follow you all over the place like a little puppy dog. Sofia has also started to climb onto objects, which Greg and I are so not prepared for. We fully expect Sofia to be walking before her first birthday.

Speaking of birthdays…

I don’t know what to do for Sofia’s first and Amelia’s seventh birthday; they’re only 3 weeks apart and you have Christmas in between them! Should we have one birthday party, or should we do two? Most of our family is about a 2 hr drive from us, but our friends are local. Should we invite everyone and have them travel to us, or have our friends travel 2 hrs away? Also, the girls birthdays are in the winter, aside from bowling or chuck e cheese, what is there to do (our place is way too small to host). So many things to figure out!


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