I need a vacation

I have never felt so much stress in my life as I have over the past 10 weeks or so. I can pinpoint what happened to cause this feeling, but I can’t understand  why I felt this way when I’ve been under much more stressful situations (such as when Greg was laid off in 2011, the car accident and then the death of my uncle all in less than a month’s time).

So, like many other humans under stress, I went shopping. Except, I didn’t buy shoes, or clothes, or some new gadget or toy. Instead, I decided to book a vacation. It took me a few weeks to decide the where and what of the vacation. Disney World is on our list (because Amelia wants to take Sofia), but there is no relaxing at Disney World. Besides, Greg and I agreed that our next vacation was going to be on a cruise ship… just, which cruise line?

Then, last week, I received an offer for a Disney Visa card. The last thing I need to be doing is opening up a new credit card account; however, the perks, such as the 0% interest for 6 months if you use the card to pay for your Disney vacation, was enticing. And, after a little due diligence in research, I caved and opened an account. 

Now, it was time to decide if we wanted to do the Disney parks or the cruise and use the Disney card. Again, I weighed the pros and cons, did the price comparison, and just thinking in general which would be more relaxing and calm especially since Sofia will be less than 2 when we travel.

After two days of debating on which to choose and then having a hellish day at the office, I just went ahead and booked a Disney Cruise for next year. This will my first Disney Cruise, as well as a cruise for the girls. I’m excited about it! I called my Mom after work and told her what I did and she states she wants to go too! My Mom never accepts our offers to include her in our vacations; she claims she can’t leave the animals (horse, 2 dogs, a cat, and some fish). So, this came as a surprise. Then, we started talking about my brother and if he’d like to join us and finally have a full family vacation.

So, as it stands now, my brother says he has no interest in a Disney Cruise saying “there’ll be to many kids” or ” too much Disney in your face.” My Mom could care less about the cruise line, but it’s on her “bucket list” to take a cruise before her MS makes it difficult to travel. Now, I just have to educate my brother, and myself, about the Disney Cruise line and how it’s not just for kids.


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