2013 in Review (nearly at the end of 2014)

And so we come to the end of 2013. I feel it’s an understatement to say this year flew by; ’cause, it did and much faster than I can remember previous years.

January 1, 2013 started off with a 12 day old baby girl in addition to a nearly 6 year old kindergartner. The growing pains were a little rough in the beginning. We learn Amelia has ADD (with slight ADHD) and after much debate Greg and I agreed to give her medication for treatment. The only side effect of the medication was a loss of appetite and Amelia dropped about 5-6 lbs during the first few months of use. Otherwise, the medication made a huge world of difference at home and at school (but mostly at school since we didn’t have her take the medicine during any breaks or on the weekends). The teacher, whom brought up the concern with us, noticed the change as well and had nothing but praise. Also, I was loving the time off from work. Greg and I had a great time just to two of us (and itty bitty Sofia). Also, we somehow pulled off a birthday party for Amelia only 3 weeks post delivery!

February 2013 welcomed my 34th birthday. I was officially into my “early mid-thirties”. Ugh. I do not feel my age at.all. I’m still stuck in my late twenties, in my mind. As if I haven’t aged since Amelia was born (I was 27 turning 28 at that time). This was also the month that I returned to work (boo!). It was nice (really nice) to be able to stay home and receive a paycheck. Almost nice enough to have another kid… just kidding!

March 2013 was rather uneventful. We made a trip to the Baltimore Zoo and decided to buy the membership. The Zoo, while small, was a little disappointing because there isn’t as many attractions as there used to be. This was something Greg and I were talking about recently regarding whether or not to renew the membership. Sofia slept through the whole visit while Amelia enjoyed the emptiness of the park.

April 2013 was another uneventful month. Greg turned 35 and I gave him the green light to buy a macro L lens to add to our camera collection. And, with this new lens, Greg did a few head-shots for a handful of drama majors at UMD. April also welcomed a new member to the family; my cousin, April, welcomed a baby girl, Miranda. Sofia and Miranda are about 3.5 months apart in age. And, I’m a wee bit jealous that Miranda is going to be a red head.

May 2013 was uneventful (noticing a trend?). I learned I had extra funds available at the school so I signed up for 2 more classes (only 35 more credits to go!), math and biology.

June 2013 was, again, uneventful. I can’t think of anything that stands out other than Amelia graduating from kindergarten and beginning the summer camp program .

July 2013 started off with Sofia sitting up by herself, unassisted. But ended up with a lot of “ugh” moments. Greg’s ‘Daddyvan’ finally kicked the bucket and we had to get a new car. I took a day off of work so we could check out a few dealerships (we already were pre-approved through our bank for a car loan so that eliminated a lot of time wasted at a dealership). We ended up with 2 cars to consider: 2007 Nissan Murano with 118k miles or 2010 Ford Escape with 54k miles. After much debate, test drives, and stress we ended up with the Murano. Greg fell in-love with the car (it’s in his favorite color) and how good he felt in it. But, our story doesn’t end there. Greg had the car checked out by our mechanic and we learned that the axle had a large crack in it – something that would not pass state inspection. Greg had the opportunity to return the car. But, he didn’t. He contacted the dealership and they replaced the axle as well as the CV joint (or boot) for free and Greg’s faith in Nissan was restored.

August 2013 began a new semester at school and Greg’s first semester as well. Work became insanely stressful and I went into a depressive “I don’t give a fuck” cycle. My classes took the brunt of the attitude, as well as my health. I stopped taking my medications for type 2 diabetes and just didn’t care anymore. On the positive side, Sofia began to crawl (just a little)

September 2013 started off as August ended. Greg’s dad visited and we did a day trip to Ocean City, MD since his Dad hasn’t been since sometime in the early 90’s. Work was still stressful and I was feeling it mentally. It took a lot of strength to not walk away (and I’m pretty sure if I didn’t have a family to take care of I would have). On the positive, Sofia officially began crawling.

October 2013 ended the semester classes; I passed one but not the other (even with Greg’s help and encouragement). We celebrate Halloween at Goose Bay and Arundel Mills Mall. Sofia started pulling herself up and ‘cruising’. It was noted that she would be walking before she turned one. In response to my stresses I decided to book a vacation for December 2014 – a Disney Cruise! Amelia is crazy excited about it.

November 2013 was uneventful. Sofia began walking the week before Thanksgiving. Family from out of state were able to visit so we had a house full of people (not our house, but Grandma’s house).

December 2013 has been eventful, but with family matters that shouldn’t be discussed on such an open forum. Sofia celebrated her first birthday with a cold. We didn’t have a party, since the date is 5 days before Christmas, so we went to Chick-fila and had an early dinner. Sofia had her one year check-up today and she went from 8lbs9oz and 20.5 inches long to 24lbs and 31.5 inches long and is a healthy baby.

Our Christmas was nice. Greg’s youngest brother, Ken, surprised everyone by showing up at their door. Ken is in the Army and is stationed in Hawaii. Ken didn’t tell anyone he was flying home and just showed up. It was a nice surprise seeing him. Greg’s Dad also drove in and stayed a week. It was nice having Greg’s whole family ‘home’.



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