Celebration Month!

In 10 short days Greg and I celebrate our wedding anniversary. This month marks six fabulous years as husband and wife. This year also marks our “date-versary” which makes 10 years of fun and adventures.

So, to honor these milestones, Greg and I bought new phones. We upgraded to the iPhone 6+. huge difference in everything! It’s warming up to me even though it does require two hands to type this lost, as well as anything else. But, info the love the larger screen for reading and responding to posts for school work, emails, etc.

This month we also celebrate Amelia’s birthday! Can you believe this girl is turning EIGHT years old! And, to celebrate we bought her an iPad mini. The Apple store was loving us today!

I was playing with the camera on the phone and took a few cute pics of Sofia and me:


This girl is something special. She is Greg’s mini-me, except her hair color isn’t platinum blonde like he was. When my father-in-law was in town over Christmas, he made the comment that when he sees Sofia,bye does a double take because he sees so much of Greg in her features. I found that comment so endearing.

How is your January going?


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