Baby Steps

Today is my oldest daughters birthday. She is now eight years old. I took a half day from work and surprised with with cupcakes at school; the whole class room was excited! Amelia asked me to stay longer and I told her that I had to go back to work. That was a lie. I had intentions of doing some other things, mainly surprising her yet again by being home when she got off the bus.

The ‘other things’ I had to do were to go to the gym and talk about membership. And, today, I now how a gym membership (as does Greg). This is the ‘baby step’ into my goals for 2015. I chatted with their personal trainer, whom was friendly and seemed to be “fat friendly” too. I explained that I like to workout in a group setting, such as the cardiovascular classes (read: Zumba) as well as some sort of ‘work out’ to build my endurance and stamina. The personal trainer dude totally got what I was saying. That was nice. And. the ‘sales’ dude was friendly. He knocked off some money ’cause I don’t have the need for the tanning booths, massage chairs, and half off water/bar items. And, Greg has no intentions of doing any of the classes. So, our monthly cost is $40 for both of us. Not too bad.

Tomorrow is my one-on-one with the trainer. I’m excited to see how things go and what he recommends. I’m debating if I should do a seperate journal for the Health 2015 mission… not like I’ve been updating this blog on the regular (except for this month – third post!). Plus, classes began today so we’ll see how much free time I have once everything goes into full swing.

But, I just wanted to put it out there that i’ve been actively working on my goals. Also, if anyone uses MyFitnessPal – look me up!


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