Saddness and Stress

There’s so much going on this week.

This past Saturday, May 2, 2015, my grandma passed away at the age of 75. I am so very thankful I got to spend all of Friday with her. It was rough saying good-bye that night ’cause I knew it would be the last time I would see her alive. Cancer sucks. No one expected grandma to die from cancer. This past October, grandma was diagnosed with tongue cancer and had surgery to remove the cancer, along with the lymph nodes along her neck and face. Grandma made a great recovery. Then, in April, over Easter weekend, she developed a cough and shortness of breath. Greg and I, along with the girls, made a visit – unknowing of her sickness, for Easter and just hung out. Grandma, being who she is, gave Greg and I $100 for “birthdays” and then, when I wasn’t looking, slipped Greg another $20. She also gave us some food, from who knows which decade, to give to my mom. It was later that week that we learned she had lung cancer. The shortness of breath was caused by one of the lobes collapsing due to a massive, inoperable, tumor. And, her other lung wasn’t looking so good either (another tumor, just not as big as the one on the other lung). It was a shock to learn this. This was the week of April 6.

Grandma, once diagnosed, started radiation same day and did so for 10 days. While on radiation, she was also given high doses of steroids which helped her breath. My cousin, April, and I made a date on Friday, April 17, 2015 to hang out with our grandma. We had a good time. We went through old photo’s and chatted about our parents when they were young. Afterwards, April and I went to a local restaurant, Skipper’s Pier, and chatted about what was on our minds and enjoyed some drinks. Afterwards, we went back to grandma’s house for a little while longer until she kicked us out.

Friday, May 1, 2015 – exactly two weeks later, Grandma was bedridden, no longer eating, drinking, and hardly talking. She told George, her husband, that “today was going to be the day”. My brother, mother, and cousin April, and I left work early and made our way down. This time, we stayed as late as possible. It was too hard to leave. In such a short about of time, one calendar month, my grandma, Amelia and Sofia’s great-grandma, went from being vibrant and full of life to… just a shell of her former self. I’ve never seen my brother cry so hard. And, this year marks the 10th anniversary of my aunt’s passing (April’s Mom, grandma’s daughter) due to lung cancer (she was 44) and this August will be the 4th anniversary of my uncle’s passing (grandma’s son), he was 46. So, that only leaves my Mom. And, she only has my brother and me as her immediate family.

The viewing and services are this week. I am off of work all week. Today, Greg goes to turn on his primary camera, our Canon 7D, decides it doesn’t want to work anymore. Well, eff. Greg has two photo-shoots on Friday.We call our insurance company and they need a formal diagnostic before a claim can be opened. So, Greg goes to the only camera shop in Baltimore and they ship it off – turnaround time is 2 weeks! In the mean time, Greg buys a new-to-us camera, a Nikon D610. We’ve been on the fence about switching to Nikon (I’ve been lusting after their D810), but couldn’t justify the cost of switching. Well, today we were pretty much forced to make a decision.


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