It is what it is

Life. The good, the bad. The challenges, and strengths needed… sometimes, it’s just too much.

I received a small inheritance from my grandma. It’s actually more than I was ‘day dreaming’ about; you know, ‘what if we receive XX, then we can do YY’. A part of me wants to use the funds (note: I did not say spend) for debt reduction purposes, stocking up on household items so, when the money does run out we won’t run out of paper towels, laundry soap, etc. But, there’s also this part that wants me to horde the money because I know there will be a point in time that our every day income won’t be enough to cover our needs.

I have decided to use the funds to pay for a trip to Disney World at the end of the year. Sofia has been asking, literally on a daily bases, that she wants to see Mickey and Minnie. And, I feel she’ll get a hoot out of the whole experience – and a fun way to bring in her 3rd birthday.

Some of the funds are going to be spent on a lawyer. Then, some of the funds are going towards clothing for everyone (more for the girls and Greg)… and, the rest, I guess, will be stashed away for whatever is needed.

I recently had an interview for a Sr. Business Analysis position. I think it went well. I really hate doing interviews; i suck as selling myself, and I find it uncomfortable talking about myself. I applied for this position not know what it pays, so I hope I’m not disappointed.

I enrolled for a course this summer, but I had to withdraw; there’s just too much going on and I can’t focus on the class work, much less find time to do the course work. I’m hoping that by the time fall semester starts, the chaos at work will have died down. I’ve been assigned to ‘Special Project’ since February and I’ve been enjoying the new work – I’ve done a lot of UAT (user acceptance testing), which has taught a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ stuff that goes into the Care, and company, Dept. I’ve also been able to network a little more and develop ‘go to’ lists for certain areas (and I’ve been added to theirs). I hope I get to travel for work in the near future and meet some of these co-workers in person.

Greg and I have been talking about moving out west — to Washington or Oregon state. It would be a two year goal, to save up and such, to make the move. I’m all for it, it’s Greg that is scared. It’s a big move, but I feel it would do us good. The girls will be young enough, yet old enough, to enjoy the new state, yet have memories of Maryland. Additionally, we can visit Alaska by cruise! I’m sure Greg would love to go back to Alaska (for a visit); heck, I’d love to move there, but Greg says ‘no’ on that one.

My mind is running at random; there’s more to go into details on, but I don’t feel I should.

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