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My Mom bought her first house last week. It’s a lot, a.lot., smaller than what she’s used to, and she wasn’t able to keep her pony. My Mom has had a rough life. A lot of love and support, but nothing has been easy for her (or us for that matter). My Mom is a fighter – she doesn’t give up – and rolls with the punches. I’m proud of her, with all that has happened in the past decade; losing both of her siblings (sister in 2005, and brother in 2011), and most recently her Mom; the break-up with Van (he ended the relationship) after being together for 30+ years and all of the unnecessary drama that he caused, and not to mention the death of her beloved horse, Lucy, and dogs, Scout and Max, she’s still going. Mom has her moments – which are understandable, and acceptable – but, she never gets lost in the darkness. My brother and I take care of Mom, when she allows (have I mentioned how stubborn she is? She doesn’t like accept help from us and always says “I’m supposed to be taking care of you, not the other way around”).

Greg and I, along with the girls, visited Mom last weekend to offer help with moving. My brother was there, so she didn’t really need us, but we hung out and did what we could. We’re going to go back down this weekend because 1. it’s my Mom’s 56th birthday, and 2. family reunion.

Next week is my first vacation (where I actually take an entire week off from work) since 2012. Greg and I are surprising the girls with a quick, one-night, visit to Ocean City, MD. It’s been ages since we visited (well, 2012). I’m hoping for good weather and low crowds.

My interview went better than I expected and I was informed, unofficially, that I am being offered the job! Still waiting to hear what the pay is going to be; HR and the “Compensation Committee” are taking their sweet time with the official paperwork. It would be just my luck for all of that to be given next week, when I’m out of the office.

These past two days, we’ve had visitors from other offices and several of them wanted to meet me specifically.Apparently, I’ve developed a pretty good reputation. Now, if only I could get some company travel in… we only have offices in Texas, Florida, and Panama (and other states, but most travel is between the three listed).

Earlier this week, I paid off the Disney vacation and purchased airfare. We still have a little over 4 months to go, but given how fast this year is going by, our travel dates will be here in the blink of an eye. I’m starting to get excited about the trip, but more so to see how Sofia is going to take it all in. She gets wicked excited when she see’s the Chick-fil-a cow! I can’t imagine what she’s going to be like when she actually see’s, and hugs, Mickey Mouse! Or, any of the princesses.

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