“That’s not how it works”

We’ve all seen that auto insurance commercial where the old(er) lady states “That’s not how it works”, right? Well, that’s pretty much how today went.

The day started off well. Amelia woke up excited that, as of 7:59am, she is officially a 9 year old girl. Her final year in a single digit age.


I went off to work, made it on time, and left at 11:30am. Greg went to the gym, stopped at the store to pick up cupcakes for me to take to Amelia’s school. I took the cupcakes to the school, had lunch with Amelia’s class (everyone was excited to see cupcakes; one classmate even gave me a hug). After Amelia’s lunch, I came home, ran the dishwasher, and took a small nap. Well, I started to take a nap. Greg was on his way out the door to get some balloons for Amelia while Sofia was napping, but Sofia ended up waking up earlier than expected.

Greg took his time getting balloons ’cause he ended up going to Target to get Amelia an additional gift. See, we bought Amelia her first laptop. Costco had a good price, and since my MacBook isn’t working at the moment (it’s actually the keyboard that isn’t working), we decided it was time. Additionally, Amelia has been asking to play Minecraft for months, so we figured, again, it was time. Well, we got the laptop this past Saturday and she played with it on Sunday and loves it. So, Greg went to buy some Minecraft books for her today.

We had a surprise planned. Amelia didn’t know I took the afternoon off, so we were going to surprise her at the bus stop, and then take her to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. Well, that didn’t happen. Greg, Sofia, and I were heading to the car to meet Amelia at the bus stop when Greg fell and hurt his ankle/foot. I was afraid he broke it. Greg was in so much pain he was shaking. So, I help Greg up and into the car. We pick up Amelia from the bus stop and head to the E.R. at North Arundel Hospital Baltimore-Washington Medical Center (still not the best hospital, but better than urgent care). Nearly four hours later we leave with Greg in a support boot and crutches. Greg was advised that he cannot drive for a few days, to try an not walk too much on the foot, and to follow-up with an orthopedic doctor.


Greg is bummed. Amelia was a bit upset that the rest of her birthday was spent at the hospital; she understood it was an accident and all, but still… it’s you’re birthday! I get it, kid. I do.

So, when we finally made it home. I helped get Greg comfy, get the girls bathed and dressed for bed, and let Amelia play Minecraft. Then, I ran out to Walgreens to fill Greg’s pain medicine. I also informed my boss that I won’t be in tomorrow due to Greg’s accident, and allow him to at least get on day of rest. Plus, since it’s Greg’s right foot and he can’t drive with the boot on, I will probably be taking Amelia to the bus stop all week.

For now, Greg is playing Minecraft while passing the time until his next pain pill. I keep telling him that he doesn’t want to feel pain, so he has to stay on schedule with the medicine.


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