In continuation of “that’s not how it works”, on Wednesday, we discovered Greg’s bank card was skimmed and someone in Texas had a $600 shopping spree at Wal-mart. Ugh. More stress to an already crazy 24 hours. Thankfully, the bank was on the ball and the funds have been returned to our account. And, that the rest of the week was uneventful, though a very close call to be being rear-ended on Thursday night.

On Friday, my co-worker, Lisa, asked if the girls could stay the night at her place for the weekend. Lisa was going to watch the girls for us on Monday (the 18th) as Greg and I celebrate our wedding anniversary (7 years!) at Fogo de Chao. Sofia was all for it, and very excited. Amelia, not so much. Thankfully, Amelia changed her mind on Saturday. But, I’ve been feeling guilty. I know she didn’t want to go, and that she mainly stayed because I asked her to. But, at the same time, she hasn’t contacted me to come home. So, while Greg and I were at the grocery store, I picked up some chocolates for them (’cause, Valentine’s Day stuff is already out). And, Greg and I will pick the girls up after our lunch date.  But, I’ll be honest. It has been really nice not having the girls here and Greg and I sleeping in, and being uber lazy around the place. And, the best part was the bit of snow flurries we had earlier today!


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