Blizzard 2016


That’s my car — what little you can see of it.

This weekends snow fall fell into the 24″ or more inches for our area. I loved every second of it. I enjoyed being outside, day or night, in it. It has been a fun experience. And, my little one, Sofia, is loving it just as much, if not more, than me. I posted a video of her rolling around in the snow last night, and commented along the lines of “she may look a lot like her Daddy, but when it comes to cold weather, she’s all me.” ‘Cause, it’s true. This girl loves the cold weather.

Today, Greg and I were able to un-dig out his car. We contemplated, briefly, on whose car to dig out and decided his was the better choice since he has all-wheel drive. Besides, not too long after we dug out his car and drove around, I received a text that our office was closed; doesn’t matter, though, since I can work from home (as I did this past Friday).

I’ve uploaded my pics of the snow to my Flickr page if anyone wants to see them.



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