Summer Time

It’s already the summer of 2016. Yeesh. The years just go by faster and faster as you age (and have kids, and many other life related events).

This summer marks 5 years since Greg was laid off, our accident, and my uncles passing. So much has happened in the past 5 years; it’s hard to believe, sometimes, that it’s only been five years, or that five years have already passed. Ugh. Growing up is not fun (sometimes).

Amelia has spent a month with my Mom while Greg was in training. I’ll admit, it was kind of nice to be parents to only one child. And, I’m sure Sofia enjoyed all of the one on one time she had with Greg and me. But, it’s also nice to have Amelia back home… granted, I don’t miss the fighting. I swear, my brother and I didn’t fight as much as they do when we were their ages. I don’t know if it’s because they’re sisters, or the nearly 6 year age difference, but good grief!

This past weekend we celebrated my Mom’s 57th birthday. My brother and I spoiled Mom with crabs, shrimp, cold beers, and all other kinds of yumy foods. The weather was nice and hot, but not too humid. So, someone like me tolerated the outside temps easily. Amelia came home with us after the party, and she spent most of Sunday crying because she wanted to go back to Mom’s.

Today, Greg starts his new shift of 3:30pm-12:00am. He was excited and nervous all day today.It’s going to be an adjustment to the girls and me without Greg home in the evenings. I think more on Sofia than Amelia or myself. So, I’ve decided to treat the girls to dinner at Chick-fil-a this evening (once we go pick up Sofia).

I’m hoping to get out this summer with the girls. I know they’d love to go to the beach, or an amusement park. But, it’d likely be me taking them and I don’t know if I’m up to that task with the Maryland Summers we get. Maybe I’ll treat them to a movie here and there, and on Greg’s day off we’ll do a day trip to Ocean City, MD.

Oh, and guess what two illnesses I’ve had since the weight loss surgery! Shingles (yes, shingles!!) and now strep! I’m fearful of what else I may come down with… small pox, scarlet fever?

In WeightLoss News – i’m down to a size 16/18 (depending on matierial, cut, and manufacturer). I haven’t been this size since high school. How do I know? Mom, every time I visit (which has been on a weekly basis) asks me to try stuff on and see how it fits. I haven’t gone out to buy any new clothes, yet. But, it’s getting to the point that I need to. My shirts are too big, and my pants are falling off of me, literally. I’m surprised I’m still loosing weight. I kept reading that people experience stalls for months, and I haven’t (yet). I try to get to the gym… try. Now that Greg is out of training and working nights, I’m going to try and get into a new routine with the girls; gym maybe 2-3 nights a week and such.

Well, that’s all so far on the summer of 2016.




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