Changes… they’re coming…

All systems are a go for the Greg! He had his final appointment with the surgeon this morning; they went over all of the paperwork, the results of all the tests, etc. and most importantly, the approval from the insurance company! In t-minus 10 days, Greg will have embarked on this amazing journey, and tool, to … whatever/where ever this leads him.

Greg has started his 2 week pre-op diet, and would you believe he’s already lost nearly 20 pounds?! He’s lost more, in one week, than I did during my 2 weeks! And, if this keeps going, he may weigh as much as I did at the time of surgery. Figures; the weight melts off him.

While I love my husband, and always will, regardless of how big he is, I know he’s going to turn some heads, and make some tongues wag when his weight starts to drop. My husband has some gorgeous long, curly hair, a great smile, amazing eyes, is tall, and the most caring, gentle, loving, and selfish-less person I know. I may just make him start wearing his wedding band so the ladies will know he’s taken!

I’m nearly 7 months post-op, and it’s just now sinking in that I feel ‘less’, as in there’s less of me. That people don’t see me for my size, but for who I am. That people don’t associate a stigma with me (lazy, bitchy, etc.). I don’t worry about the first impression I give knowing they’re not judging me based on my size (as the first thing they ‘see’). It’s an eye-opener, really. Oh, and shopping is something else. I was perusing through ModCloth and putting together a wishlist, and it was weird to have to not add items to my list because they didn’t have a size small enough for me. It’s the damnest thing to not be able to get something not because there isn’t a size big enough but because there isn’t a size small enough; who knew that would be possible!!

I’m excited about October; not only because of Greg’s surgery, but also because I am flying to Texas for work. And, this may sound petty, I want to see how the airline seatbelt’s fit. When we flew last year, to Disney, we had to ask for extenders. Now that I’ve lost nearly 100 pounds (only 6 more pounds to go!), I want to see how I fit.

Work… well, that’s going… yeah. Lots of transformation going on with our conversion to a new CRM, and the testing is going so smoothly (please note the sarcasm). I’ve been working nights, once the girls are in bed, to try and keep caught up. Tonight, I said “fuck it” and decided to write and goof off. Although, I didn’t really goof off because I cleaned the kitchen, made the girls lunches, did laundry, bathed the girls, etc.  I am actually looking forward to the week I am taking off as Greg recovers from the surgery. Although, I have a feeling I’ll be working during my vacation given how far behind the project is… but, that’s fine. This is a significantly large project, and I am the lead tester in Care, so this is getting me a lot of attention, skill sets, and networking opportunities. And, I’ll be meeting a lot of the people I work with (mainly through IM and phone calls) when I fly into Houston next month.

Speaking of changes… I am so loving this weather right now. I love the cool, drizzly mornings (and days for that matter). Listening to the breeze in the trees and the rain as it falls. I could live in the Northwest and love it. I keep telling Greg we should move to the west coast (Washington or Oregon); especially if his job has a transfer opportunity. One day we’ll make it over there.


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