Greg Update

Greg is 3 weeks post-op and doing great… physically. He didn’t experience any of the pains I did post-surgery (except for the gas pains that radiate up into your neck and shoulders); I was a bit envious of his physical well-being. Greg has already lost nearly 30 pounds since surgery day! I think he might be doing better than me – when comparing the timeline – but men tend to loose weight faster than us anyway.

Mentally is where Greg really struggled. It’s hard to go three solid weeks without eating. The mind will drive you nuts thinking about food, chewing and tasting it. And, Greg also felt hunger pains, constantly. I felt bad for him; it had to be a lot harder than what I experienced since I didn’t feel hunger pains.

Now that Greg is 3 weeks post-op he’s now on the pureed stage, and is doing much, much better. So far, he’s been able to eat hummus, egg salad, refried beans, and cheese without any issues, and feels full much longer than when he was on liquids only. Also, Greg has adapted to the protein shakes… as in he likes their flavor!


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