One Hundred

In roughly 8 months, I have lost 100 pounds. Holy fuck, y’all.

it’s weird in that when I think about it, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when I mentioned it to my psychiatrist, his reaction was not what I expected. The psychiatrist was truly … appreciative?… in awe?… I can’t think of the word, but he said something along the lines about how I took this surgery seriously, and that I am/was determined, or dedicated, to the changes to be successful. There is a co-worker of his at the same office that had the surgery less than 2 weeks after I had mine, and she hasn’t been as successful as I have been with the weight loss. So, when I walked into the room last night for my appointment, his eyes widened in surprise in my appearance. He was truly impressed with my progress. I thanked him, but said I don’t really see the difference. Granted, I see myself every day, and he see’s me once every 3 months, give or take.

I will say, the weight loss has given me more confidence in myself when I approach people that I don’t know. For example, this past October I flew to Houston for a work event. The flight down had a stop in FL. During the stop, I decided to see if I could get a picture of the cockpit for my co-worker and Greg (they’re both aeronautical enthusiasts). Well, not only did I get a pic, the co-pilot invited me to sit in the pilots seat, put my hands on the yoke (which I wasn’t expecting at.all), and he offered to take a picture for me! I was completely blown away by the offer. And, once the picture was taken, I just sat there with the co-pilot and chatted for about 10-15 minutes asking a lot of questions, and sharing what little information I knew based on what Greg and my co-worker would talk about.


I sent the picture to Greg and my co-worker and they both responded with “that’s badass”. Honestly, I didn’t expect any of what occurred to be even a remote possibility; I was expecting to get a grumpy pilot/co-pilot who didn’t want to be bothered.  But, I think the confidence I had in myself to approach a complete stranger and engage in conversation about something that is their career helped me. It was a pretty awesome experience.

I’m now wearing a size 16/18 or a 1x. I went to Costco yesterday to get some laundry soap, and I was able to buy a pair of pants off the ‘rack’. Haven’t done that since high school (like freshman year). It’s still an adjustment to know that I can now fit, and buy, normal sized clothing.

I only have 20-ish pounds to loose to meet the surgeons goal of “70% of excess weight lost”. I don’t have a personal goal, as weird as that may sound. And, honestly, if I don’t loose any more weight, I’m happy where I am now. I’ve exceeded my expectation of how much I’d loose, realistically.





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