Checking In

It’s been a while since I last wrote. Although, there are a lot of drafts… I just never finish writing, and then things change…. bla bla bla…

Anyway, 2017 has been prety good so far. Work finally moved to the new office, and it’s awesome. The views are great, the atmosphere is great, and it is pretty awesome in general. There are two downsides (though nothing major); the first is the office temp. You’d think being surrounded by floor to ceiling glass that it’d be hot as balls, but it’s actually damn nippy in there. And this is coming from someone whose never owned a coat and wore shorts/skorts in the winter. Now a days, I’ll sit at my desk with my wool coat on! Who knows what summer is going to be like. The second is the location of the bathroom in relation to where my desk is. It’s a damn city block away! Like literally. While, the benefits of getting extra walking in outweigh the location… but, when you gotta go, that’s a hell of a long walk.

2017 has been good to us, so far. I think all of the sickness has made it’s course. All of us, except Amelia, caught something. The latest for me was Strep Throat, which hurt like hell. Thank goodness the antibiotics worked quickly.

We received our tax overpayment this past week and Greg and I had a shopping spree at IKEA. We got a whole new bedroom set, including a new mattress, new shelves and bookcases, rug, and other little things. Like, we spent $1500 – not including Greg’s employee discount (which is 15%) or the $420 in cash that we got back from the recalled dressers. It was a long weekend of moving heavy stuff up and down three flights of stairs. And, we still have stuff to put together. But, Greg and I are totally loving our new bedroom set. We got the Hemnes line – so everything is coodinates. I’ve never slept in a brand new bed; every bed I’ve slept in since I first moved away from home was a hand-me-down. Nothing wrong with them, and they lasted years.. decades even. But, we were ready for something that was “ours”. It’s truly the little things that can make you happy.

I’ve enrolled Sofia into soccer this season. It’s more of a fundamentals of soccer than an actual soccer league. She’s hella excited, as am I. And, Amelia has expressed interest as well… though, she’s thinking she and Sofia will be on the same team. Had to break it to her that that won’t be possible given their age difference. But, either way they’re both excited.

I’ve booked Greg’s 40th birthday cruise! We’re excited for this big vacation. It’s a long ways away.. like 399 days away! A lot of time to kill between now and then. In the mean time, we’re looking at spending a week in Ocean City, MD this summer. It’s been decades since I’ve spent more than 2 or 3 days in Ocean City, so this’ll be fun. I think the girls will enjoy it. We’re likely going to book with the Francis Scott Key Resort because it pretty much offers everything we want and need on-site. And, offers a shuttle to the beach which would save money, and time, on parking!

Well, that’s enough for a small catch-up for now.


Life is Full of Changes

Whew! There are some serious changes going on right now. For Greg and me!


  • I’m already down 87 pounds and it hasn’t even been 6 months since surgery! And, I’ve started to sell some of my clothes online to make room for new clothes. Can you believe that I am can now fit comfortably in a size 18?! Prior to surgery I was wearing a 24/26/28 in bottoms and 28/30 in tops (I’m bigger on the top than on the bottom); now, I’m wearing a 16/18 on top and a 18 on bottom! I can only imagine what size I’ll be when I reach my first ‘surgerversry’! This is exciting because my office is moving to Downtown at the end of the year and we’re expected to dress up (more than our current business casual), and I’ll finally be able to buy nice clothes and not pay three times as much because they’re plus size (which I find stupid anyway – the cost difference between a L and a 2X shouldn’t be twice). This is almost mind boggling to me. There are so many subtle changes that I’ve noticed, physically, that I didn’t think about before the surgery. Either way, I am enjoying this. I just need to get more active and start going back to the gym.
  • Work is starting to pick up in a big way. I’m going to be the lead in a pretty big project which is slightly terrifying and exciting at the same time. And, I’ll get to fly out to Houston in October, again. I had a blast last year and I plan on having fun this year.
  • My heath is pretty good. I no longer have type two diabetes; my A1C is well within normal range (not even close to ‘pre-diabetic’). Even my asthma is better… at the moment. I’m pretty sensitive to the weather, so earlier it was flaring up, but it’s calmed down a lot. My depression is being well managed now, and the perfectionism has been more prominent for the past month or two. Like, every night I wash, dry, and put away the clothes and towels that were used that day. It’s a bit crazy, I know.


  • Greg is enjoying the working life. He’s getting along with everyone, and everyone likes him! Everyone keeps telling him that he’s going to advance quickly, and I believe it.
  • Greg’s weight loss surgery is less than 2 months away! I’m so excited for him. I’ve already requested a week off to be home during his recovery period. That first 3 weeks is rough; there’s no actual eating – it’s all liquid – and you miss chewing and feeling food in your mouth. It was rough and I was so happy to begin the pureed stage.
  • Greg has freedom, finally! I can’t elaborate, but my persistence to getting things corrected has paid off. I can’t even begin to express how happy I am for him.

The girls are doing well. Amelia has started the 4th grade. I can’t believe she’ll be in middle school soon. Sofia is doing very well at daycare. I’m hoping to get Sofia into pre-k next year so she’ll be going to school with Amelia at the same time. Otherwise, I don’t think they’ll be in the same school at any other point in the future.

I am so ready for summer to be over, and for fall and winter to begin. I miss the cooler temperatures so much. Although, I don’t have any clothes for the cooler temperatures… nor a jacket (not that I wore a jacket any other time), but that can change soon.

Today, Monday 8/29/16, and tomorrow I am in a “UAT for the BA” training class. So far, it’s a bit repetitious, but that’s a good thing since I was kind of thrown into the UAT world. Plus, the more certifications I can earn, the more valuable I’ll be seen. Plus, it’s interesting and I’m learning a lot about the back-end of products.

Well, class is about to begin…

What’s Happening?

How was your summer?

Ours was busy. And, to my dismay, we didn’t make it to the beach (even for a day trip).

I took 2 classes over the summer; Algebra and Human Biology. Greg had to help with the Algebra; math just isn’t my thing (well, math that requires x’s and y’s and plotting graph’s, etc).

Amelia attended our county’s summer camp program and loved it! Such a huge difference in willingness to participate this year than last year. We picked a somewhat different program that had field trips every week and we also picked a different school (one by my office) and I think that made the difference. We’ll probably do the same next summer.

We bought a new (to us) car! Greg and I would daydream about our next car purchase. What did we want in the car, such as the size (sedan vs. SUV. vs minivan), features and options, and manufacturer. So many factors to consider! And, after this experience I’ve learned that I hate car shopping. Hate it! But, in the end of our adventure (that’s a whole other post to share), we got the car that fits our family’s needs and that we enjoy driving as well.

Sofia. My goodness is this girl getting big! I wouldn’t be surprised is she’s already 25lbs and 30 inches tall. I keep telling Greg that we need to move her into a bigger carseat, but he doesn’t want to give up the carrier (even though its ridiculously heavy with her in it). That, and it would admit that she’s no longer a ‘baby’ and she’s in her way to be a toddler. Sofia does have 2 teethe in and just last week, or the week. For, she’s begun crawling!

Well, this is all the time I have for an update. I have several drafts written…one day ill get to them.

She’s Here!

**this post was started on January 12, 2013. So, some things my be a little ‘old’**


Sofia arrived on December 20, 2012 at 12:49pm weighing in at a healthy 8lbs and 9 ounces and 20.5 inches long. I wasn’t expecting such a big baby! Especially since Amelia only weighed 6lbs and 14 ounces and 18 inches. Nor, was I expecting a blonde/reddish-haired baby.

My anxiety and fears made me so freaked out about my csection, but in reality it wasn’t all that bad. The only ‘issues’ I’ve had have been with the JP Drain and the incision site (three weeks later and it still hurts).

Here’s the story of Sofia’s birthday:

The morning started out as normal; we got up and got Amelia off to school. Greg and I did a quick run to Target.

We arrived at the hospital a little after 9:30am and the staff was ready for us. I was taken to the recovery room and got hooked up to the IV and monitoring belt. I hate those baby monitoring belts more than anything else in the world (while pregnant). Fortunately, since baby girl was doing so well, they unhooked me after an hour or so.

Once I was off the machine, I got up and stretched a little and Greg took my last pregnant belly photo:


My csection was scheduled for 11am. Well, my OB was not on schedule (due to no fault of her own). As the time passed, my anxiety increased. Finally, at 12:02pm I was escorted into the OR room (there’s a clock on the back wall and I was watching it like a hawk). Then I went into overdrive. The nurses were amazing and tried their hardest to make me comfortable and calm… I was too far gone. My blood pressure, which the cuff was going off, like, every three minutes, steadily increased which made me panic even more (I was afraid I was going to literally have a heart attack because of my anxiety and panic). Plus, Greg wasn’t with me yet and that made me more scared.

The anesthesiologist was amazing. I hardly felt the needle going into my spine and the epidural and spinal block were 99% effective. Once the first part of my anxiety was over, I was more calm. However, the second part of my anxiety, the effectiveness of the medication, began.

Slowly I felt the medication working. It starts with a warming sensation in your legs. Mine started with the left side. It took a little longer than I would have liked for it to work on the right side. Slowly, but surly, I began to feel the numbness increase — which had the feeling of your legs falling asleep with the pins and needles sensation. I asked the nurses and who ever else was in there (still no Greg) if this feeling was normal and if I would constantly feel it. The answer given was yes. Well, this increased my anxiety again because I was afraid that I would feel the pins and needles with every cut.

By the way, once the spinal medicine was in my blood pressure dropped. A lot. I asked the room if this was normal as well and if how much it was dropping was normal (at times, I saw my blood pressure 94/7X when, prior, it was 18X/100). Again, the answer was yes.

The OB came in, did her prep stuff, and the next thing I hear is my skin being cut. I asked if she had begun and she said yes. Thank goodness I didn’t feel the cutting. And, as soon as this part began Greg was let in.

Once Greg was next to me everything calmed down. I was so happy to see him and have him holding my hand. Plus, he could give me the descriptions of what was going on (since I had a little curtain blocking my view).

Unfortunately, Greg got to see a lot more than he bargained for. He didn’t have a curtain to block his view. Unfortunately for me, Greg didn’t want to see what was going on and focused more on me. Greg did see when my water was broken; his comments were “it was like a geyser going off” and some did get on the doctor. Apparently, there was a lot of fluid.

Next thing I heard was Sofia’s feet were out and that she was pee’ing on the doc. There seemed to be a bit of a struggle to get Sofia completely out because she was in such an awkward position and so high up. Plus, she had the cord wrapped around her neck. Greg stated he was panicking a little because of how long she was head-in and was worried she wasn’t getting any oxygen. But, in reality, it took all of 30 seconds to get her out.

Once Sofia was out and in the warming station, Greg went to be with her. I kept asking what does she look like because I was expecting her to look just like Amelia. I was shocked when they said she was a strawberry blonde and that she weighed over eight pounds! It took days for me to wrap my head around this.


Eventually, once Sofia was given the all-clear I got too see her for the first time:


















They tested Sofia’s sugar and it was low (I was told they treat babies that are 45 or less and Sofia was 43), so they gave her a bottle and all was well.

Greg asked me if I wanted him to stay with me or to go with Sofia. I could tell by the excitement in his voice that he wanted to be with Sofia so I told him to go with her. While Greg was with Sofia, I was on the OR table getting stitched up. If you’re wondering, I did opt for a tubal so there will be no more babies for me (unless the tubal isn’t successful).

The rest of the stay was okay. We did learn, while trying to breastfeed Sofia, that she was ‘tongue tied‘ and it was causing some difficulties with her latching on. So, a specialist came and and examined her and decided she needed to have a minor cut done to allow her to stick her tongue more for a better latch. I was worried that it was going to be painful and Sofia wouldn’t be able to properly eat for days while it heals, etc. But, none of that was necessary. The had Sofia for less than a half hour and she didn’t even cry. Unfortunately, breastfeed wasn’t as successful as I hoped. Sofia needed formula to supplement because she was loosing too much weight. When we left the hospital, Sofia nearly lost a pound! By the time Sofia was 5 weeks old she was 100% formula fed. My milk never came in, or wasn’t enough to keep up with her demands.  And, we had to switch Sofia to a soy based formula due to her reflux (same with Amelia).

Other than the above, Sofia has been amazing! She’s very alert and aware of her surroundings. She LOVES Amelia and giver her big sister the biggest smile when Amelia enters her field of vision or when Amelia reads to her.

My recovery was uneventful. I occasionally feel pain where my incision is but those are becoming less frequent.

My maternity leave went by way too quick. Greg and I enjoyed our time together with Sofia. We were both sad that I had to go back to work.

Greg is doing an amazing job being a SAHD (stay at home dad). He loves that he gets to spend so much time with both girls. Plus, it’s saving us SO much money since we don’t need daycare.







Weekend Fun

It was a beautiful weekend. The sun shined bright, the skies were clear, and the temperature was great.

Saturday, on a whim, we decided to head to The Maryland Zoo. It’s been years since I last visited. As a mater of fact, I don’t think Amelia was even 2 years old the last time we went as a family. Unfortunately, the zoo isn’t what it used to be. Half of the attractions are no longer in place & are closed off. But, that didn’t stop us from buying an annual pass. This is the first year we’ve bought the family pass. I figured since we would have paid nearly $50 in admission fees, the family pass would have paid for itself after two trips. Plus, since Greg is now a stay-at-home daddy, he can take the girls anytime he wants.

Amelia had fun and was asking to go back today. Also, given all the walking we did yesterday (including a trip to the grocery store after visiting the zoo) Amelia slept in for the first time in a long time! We all slept in, except for Sofia.

Sofia fell asleep as soon as we reached the children’s area


Indoor cave

Hungry giraffe.

Today, we went to Ft. Smallwood Park. It’s one of my favorite county parks to visit. It has a nice play area and lots of grills for charcoal cooking. Plus, it’s nice to watch the ships come and go.

Greg and I did a first: we let Amelia play at the play area all by herself. Don’t worry, Greg was watching the area like a hawk (very protective of his girls). It was scary yet exciting to let our daughter experience independence. I am happy to report she did very well. Interestingly, she came back to us after about a half hour & hung out with us the rest of our time there.

Overall, it was a great weekend. We didn’t do any chores other than a load or two of laundry and we spent a lot of time together.

Another Milestone

I can’t believe I am 19 weeks pregnant. I am about to enter the 20th week and before I know it, I’ll be entering the 30th week.

The pace of this pregnancy has really picked-up, or so it seems. It feels like time has started to fly once I reached 12/13 weeks. And, to be honest, I am thankful. I am ready for my new life has a Mom of two.

Just this week I’ve really started to feel the baby moving around and a lot. Like, I can see my belly moving and popping up from the baby. It’s pretty freaky yet cool at the same time. I’m surprised I’m feeling this as early as I am since I didn’t start to feel Amelia moving until much later into the pregnancy.

I’ve started to create a baby registry and my girlfriend, along with my Mom and cousin, are working on the baby shower. I’m excited about the baby shower and November can’t get here soon enough; I have so many ideas!

Greg and I have two names that we really like and are having a difficult time deciding which one we like most. I’ve started to refer to the baby with the name I like to get a feel of it and to get used to saying the name along with Amelia’s name.

Not much of an update, this time around.



Those 5 tests were taken over a weeks time from around April 27 – May 06.

I had blood work done to confirm my pregnancy and my hCG came back at 242 (as of 05/04/12) and tomorrow is my first dr. appointment.

There is a little concern from my dr. with my hCG number being on the lower end of ‘normal’. But, surprisingly, I’m not that concerned and neither is Greg. Plus, I’m sure the dr. will order more blood tests for every other day to ensure my hCG level is increasing.

I haven’t told many people, yet. So far, just my manager, Mom (who is so excited already), my brother, cousin, and two girlfriends Michele & Lisa.

I’m keeping positive thoughts and day dreaming of the day we tell Amelia (going to wait until we’re in the second trimester)!