Another Milestone

I can’t believe I am 19 weeks pregnant. I am about to enter the 20th week and before I know it, I’ll be entering the 30th week.

The pace of this pregnancy has really picked-up, or so it seems. It feels like time has started to fly once I reached 12/13 weeks. And, to be honest, I am thankful. I am ready for my new life has a Mom of two.

Just this week I’ve really started to feel the baby moving around and a lot. Like, I can see my belly moving and popping up from the baby. It’s pretty freaky yet cool at the same time. I’m surprised I’m feeling this as early as I am since I didn’t start to feel Amelia moving until much later into the pregnancy.

I’ve started to create a baby registry and my girlfriend, along with my Mom and cousin, are working on the baby shower. I’m excited about the baby shower and November can’t get here soon enough; I have so many ideas!

Greg and I have two names that we really like and are having a difficult time deciding which one we like most. I’ve started to refer to the baby with the name I like to get a feel of it and to get used to saying the name along with Amelia’s name.

Not much of an update, this time around.


Rants & Updates

I don’t know if it’s because my cycle is ending and the hormones are still having their ‘fun’ with me (TMI, I know), or what, but today I became pretty angry at work and those that I report to. Today I truly felt ‘over worked & under appreciated’ when I was scolded at with regard to what tasks I had deemed priority and what were not.  Might sound petty to y’all, but given all the tasks that I am responsible for and how I am the only person that does these tasks – which means that when I am not at work these tasks do not get done – … everything is a big deal to me.

I’m starting to get to the point where I am reviewing the past five years at my current employer and realize that the next five years are, more than likely, going to be the exact same because there is absolutely no growth opportunities at this place. How can I apply what I’ve learned during the past 12 months since going back to school when I am stuck in a position that I can not apply this knowledge to?

I’ve finally gotten around to uploading our vacation pictures! As well as some picture’s of Amelia’s birthday. Greg didn’t want me to upload the pictures until he edited them, but I’ve become impatient and I know Greg’s grandparents have been wanting to see them as well (they check the Flickr account regularly).

Greg and I have begun to casually, yet seriously, look at houses and focus on area’s we want to live in. Ultimately, we’d like to buy a single family home but Greg is super picky on the areas were these homes are available so we might end up in a townhouse.

Only 9 more months until our cruise… I could get pregnant and have a baby by the time we cruise… which is completely possible.

Speaking of babies, my cousin April is going to have another baby girl! Olivia is excited to have a baby sister! And, I can say that Greg and I are, more or less, actively trying to conceive our second child. I’m hoping that we will have our second child by the end of 2011 (which means I have until March to get pregnant). I have a weird thing for numbers and the numbers 7 & 11 are my lucky number; well, Amelia was born in 2007 so I am hopeful that the second will be here in 2011. I’m weird, right?


Ketchup (and Mustard)

It’s after 11pm as I type and I am beat.

This week has really worn me down. I am still in (some) disbelief over the busyness at work; in the 2 years I’ve been there, it’s never, ever, been this busy, and the sudden increase in volume has taken everyone, managers, CEO, and President, aback! We were not prepared for this; staffing and mentally. I feel safe in saying that EVERYONE at work is worn out.

With that being said, I am SO looking forward to this three day weekend! And, it’s a busy weekend for us.

Saturday is Brooke’s baby shower that I completely forgot all about and, unfortunately, can not attend. Instead, Greg and I are going to be running a slew of errands and attacking the mountain of chores and laundry.

Sunday is Michele’s engagement cook-out/party. I still need to get the time from her…

On Monday, the day I am probably most excited about, we are having a mini-road trip to Pennsylvania! We’ve decided (because I somewhat insisted) to visit a state park in PA – to go somewhere different. Originally, I wanted to visit Philadelphia since I’ve never been (yes, I need to get out more). But, on Wednesday when we were talking about this, we went over our budget and determined we didn’t have the funds available (because we would spend a lot of money on food and we’re trying to cut back on our food spending habit) and decided to visit a park instead. So, we checked out PA’s Parks and decided to visit the Susquehannock State Park.

By Wednesday I was ready to run away and that is why I decided (read: insisted) that we (read: me) need to venture outside of Maryland – I felt the need to just get away from Maryland and all the stress related. So, that’s why we’re going to PA!

So, there is a logical explanation of why I was feeling like the world was crushing me while everyone was pulling at my limbs in all different directions: hormones. Stupid cycle started on Thursday morning – just like clock work. Emotionally, I am feel much better than I was yesterday (Berger Cookies could have helped – mmm… chocolate), thought not 100% back to my ‘normal’ self; I hope to reach that state tomorrow. It’s funny because I wasn’t even sure the cycle was going to start on Thursday since I didn’t have any ‘warning signs’; no mood swings, no lower back ache, no increase in appetite or weird cravings, I felt pretty good (aside from stressed). Well, until Wednesday night (at work when I was about to loose it) and then Thursday morning. Have I mentioned how much I dislike being on birth control?

I think I called Greg like 4 times at work today to see if the camera arrived (Dell has surprised us in the past), to which the answer was always: nope. We’re expecting the camera to arrive on Tuesday. Boo. I was hoping to break it in this weekend, especially at Susquehannonk Park. It was funny, last night Greg and I were talking about the new camera and our ‘rules’; he made me promise (which I technically haven’t) not to use the ‘auto-modes’, such as the “golfer mode” for action shots, or “moon and stars mode” for night shots, but to keep the camera on all manual all the time – like a real photographer. And, if I accepted his requirement, he had to accept mine: to allow me to take the pictures as I want to take them, meaning if I want to lay in the river to get a specific shot – then so be it. He can not ‘baby’ the camera. Either way, our lives are about the change with the addition of the new camera; I am more riskier, than Greg is, when it comes to capturing the picture that I envision.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned our photography blog: J&G Photography. Since Greg is placing some of his pictures up for sale (he’s received a few reviews, but no sales yet), I thought it would be a good idea for him to have a photography blog/site. Greg, of course, agreed and has taken over. Now, I just need to work on the watermark – not really liking the one he created.

I still haven’t looked for a wedding dress. Although, I think I am going to order a dress from PeriMart. I learned of the site from the message boards and checked them out – their prices are amazing. I’m not worried about the dress being a knock-off or if it has slight imperfections, as long as it fits and I look good in it – I’m happy. Plus, with the amount of money I am going to be spending on the dress – I’m probably getting what I paid for and that’s fine by me. Although, the person that shared the site said her dress was amazing, so who knows. Oh, and they ship for free.

The first wedding planning meeting, for Michele, went very well. I think. I don’t what we got out of the meeting other than the colors of the wedding party (clover and cream) and our first, of many I’m sure, dates to try on dresses. Michele tried to get me to try on wedding dresses with her, but I told her that this is her wedding and not to worry about me.

We also talked about having a girls night (which I guess is a bachorlette party) the night before her wedding. Apparently, Michele and D are leaving on a cruise, from Baltimore to the Bahamas, the morning after their wedding, so the night before the wedding, Michele and her girls (me, her sister, and Michele’s daughter) will spend the night at the hotel (suite) and the following morning, have our hair done and get ready. Oh, and the wedding is going to take place in DC.

Michele also talked about sending save-the-dates next month as most of D’s family is out of state. I offered a few websites and helping make the STD’s (gave her my picnik log in information since I have a premium account), and talking about her STD’s get me thinking about the wedding announcements that I get to make once we’re married (and then I started to go off into a day dream of sorts).

Have I mentioned how excited I am to be a part of Michele’s wedding?

Speaking of weddings, Greg band finally arrived! We picked it up over the weekend. I, personally, think it needs to be re-sized as it feels a little too big on his finger… and the fact that it slid off during testing. He’s in denial. I told him that he needs to make up his mind about the size before it’s too late.

I’m trying to think of anything else mention…

Oh, I am finally a Pro Flickr’er again, and I uploaded the pictures from the Inappropriate Haf’la we went to on Saturday. I really wish I wrote down the names of the performers since I don’t remember a think about them, other than the songs they performed to. Either way, the party was great. The sangria was amazing (and there is still some in the fridge. And, it’s mighty strong) and we, Greg and I, had an amazing time. We stayed until 10pm.

The following morning we left for the Renn Fest and had a good time. Pictures from the Renn Fest can be found on Flickr as well. I would do a picture post, but I’m feeling a bit on the lazy side. That, and it’s 12:17am and I should go to bed.

And, on the note… Good night!

I’m Still Here

We’ve been pretty busy this week… although we haven’t really done anything.

Monday we did our grocery shopping and then went out to dinner.

Tuesday we went to the airport park and then to the mall to window shop for wedding bands and ended up having an… misunderstanding (which I will elaborate more in a bit), which took us nearly an hour to clear (as we were in the parking lot).

Wednesday was cleaning night, Top Chef, and late night sex (which, I might add, was something amazing and new)

Tonight, Thursday, Lisa and I had crabs for dinner. She had a gift certificate for a local restaurant, SeaSide, that was about to expire so we ordered two dozen crabs and ate them at my place. She just left about 25 minutes ago (it’s 9:33 as I type this). We were done eating the crabs by 8:00 and we just sat and talked, and talked, and talked. Mostly, we talked about people that we used to work with and some of the people that we currently work with. Lisa is one of the few (and my few I mean like one of two people) that I know I can talk to and she won’t say shit behind my back (especially if we talk about co-workers). It’s rare to find someone, that you work with, like that.

Tomorrow, Friday, we might see a movie since we haven’t seen one since The Simpsons back in July.

Saturday is the air show, which Greg is planning on spending all day there (to test out his new camera) and then we’re probably going to get a hotel room somewhere in the area. There is something about staying in a hotel and hotel sex that is so exciting.

Sunday we bring Amelia back home. Gosh, I miss Amelia. I talk to her, on the phone, at least twice a day. She’s saying new words and so much more. My Mom was telling me the other day that Amelia is enthralled with Lucy (the horse) and wants to follow her, Lucy, all around the yard and imitates Lucy’s … snot blowing (I can’t think of a better description, but that’s what Lucy is doing). After Mom told me all that, the first thing I said was “Oh great. Pretty soon Amelia will be telling you she wants a pony and you’re going to get her one.” My Mom’s reply “Damn straight. If my Baby wants a pony, she’s going to get one.” Yeah, and she isn’t joking. My Mom is going to seriously spoil her granddaughter.

This afternoon I started a book, Addicted , that a co-worker handed off to me. I read the bookfrom 1:30 until 6:00 and nearly finished it (either I’m a fast reader, or I had very few interruptions). I don’t know how I feel about the book. It’s written ok, nothing spectacular. The story is interesting (but that could be due to my raging hormones) and it does have me reading for more as it’s a borderline (erotic) graphic novel. But, the book isn’t stimulating my brain; it doesn’t cause me to think about the story. Generally, that’s why I don’t read “romance novels”, it’s just fluff to me. But, I guess in this case, I’m bored at work (obviously if I nearly read the whole book in 4.5 hours) and willing to read something that don’t interest me.

So, about the ‘misunderstanding’ Greg (and I) had. I’ve been showing the type of wedding bands that I want and have told him how I want something unique and different and NOT a solid band. Greg felt that I wanted something flashy and show-off-ish, which isn’t why I wanted something other than a solid band. So, we were looking at a few bands (yes, I have pictures, just too lazy to get the camera and upload) and apparently Greg misunderstood the questions I was asking the sales clerk (when I would ask about the total carat weight, etc) because he thought I would want something bigger, when in fact I was making sure it wasn’t too big. Yadda Yadda Yadda… nearly and hour later I told Greg that I am going to leave it up to him to find, and buy, my wedding band. Initially, he said he wanted to do this, the wedding band shopping, together, but I told him I am going to leave it up to him. And, so far, he’s taken this ‘challenge’ seriously and showed me some things he likes to get my feedback and such. But, we’ll see what happens.

This time next week I’ll be in Michigan! I am bummed, though, because Greg and I, along with 5 other people, will not be attending a Tigers game as we had anticipated. Why? Because ‘scalpers’, also known as company season ticket holders, bought a lot of the seats (in the bench seat section) and are charging nearly 5x’s the face value. Basically, aside from the “obstructed view” seats, there isn’t any place left where we could buy seven seats. Greg was looking on StubHub and said, between two sellers, alone, they had a combined 44 seats in the bench seat section. The tickets in that section generally range between $15-$18 a seat and these two holders were asking $55 a seat! I am pretty bummed about not going to a game, as is Greg. I just hope we’ll be able to go to a game something this season!

While we’re in Michigan, we’re going to head over to the Toldeo Zoo, probably on Saturday. Greg is excited about the zoo because they have alpaca’s. Of all things to be tickled pink about, it’s the alpaca. He’s so weird. Also, while we’re in Michigan, we plan on visiting a park on the lake. I don’t know the name of the park or anything. Actually, I don’t know much of what’s going on during the trip and I’m a little hesitant. Not that I’m an ‘control freak’ when it comes to trips or anything, I just like to know what’s going on because I hate to waste time when I’m somewhere new.


Oh, and get this. I am starting to get sick. How great is that? Yesterday, I noticed a pressure feeling (as if someone had there thumb pressing into the side of my neck) as if my thyroid was swollen or inflamed (as it has done so in the past). Thought nothing of it as it usually goes away. Well, as the day progressed, a cough developed (ever so slightly) and then a sore throat feeling started. Now, as of today, the throat is all sorts of itchy and irritated. The cough is still here (and painful) and I don’t think the symptoms are going to go away – at least anytime soon. Fuck.


Moody Blues

I’ve been moody this week. After all, I am on my off week and “IT” has arrived (this morning). I am just not in the mood to do anything, much less write and update. Sorry.

My patience level is extremely short; I was on the verge of driving my car through all the slow drivers this morning. Then, at work, I felt (and still feel) like yelling at people who call and don’t understand that if you use more gas than the previous billing cycle, you’re going to have a higher bill. I swear I am on the verge of snapping.

I would leave if more it weren’t for the fact that more than half of the office didn’t show up for work today; which adds to my frustration.

I’m also annoyed that my body, or bladder to be exact, is making me pee every hour – on the hour. At least it’s a satisfying pee (meaning I pee more than just a trickle). My Mom says it’s the water retention that’s making me pee so often. I don’t know if that has any truth in it, but I guess that could make some sense – except that this ‘event’ doesn’t occur each time “IT” arrives.

Yes, I know – divulging too much information. Bla bla bla…

I’m hoping my mood improves by Friday for the concert. I would hate to be in a bad mood and not be able to enjoy the show just because of “IT”.

In other news…

I found roundtrip tickets to Detroit for $98 a piece! I have to purchase the tickets by 02/19/08 and fly by 06/25/08. I sent an email to Greg and his step-mom, Denise, to coordinate a visit.

At least something positive is happening.

More stuff about stuff

Ugh! Work was so freaking busy today!! But I did receive a wonderful surprise from Greg this afternoon: Lunch!! Greg came over to my job during my lunch hour with a surprise lunch from Bill Bateman’s! Greg ordered us some yummy wings and a Chicken Chesapeake (grilled chicken breast topped with crab meat and their crab dip) for me. During lunch Greg and I did some wedding talk (nothing concrete; just discussing when we can begin our venue search) and baseball talk. I am trying and hoping to get opening day tickets for Greg as a present for our first anniversary. At the moment, I can only purchase a package and I don’t want that (though maybe later in the year), I just want a single game purchase! I’m watching the Orioles Hangout like a hawk on any information about when tickets will go on sale for opening day.

Greg told me what my birthday/anniversary present is and I didn’t even bug him about it! He just couldn’t hold it in anymore and asked if I wanted to know and I said yes (I’m just as bad as he is; he knows about my goal to get opening day tickets). So, my present is a Canon PowerShot SD870 IS and he bought a 2GB memory card!!

Canon PowerShot SD870 IS - MY NEW CAMERA!! 

Greg is spoiling me rotten! He bought me a new laptop (with a matching bag and wireless mouse, and a cooling fan to place the laptop on), he proposed to me with the ring I fell in love with when we were ring shopping (and he proposed with my family present which has more meaning than words can describe), he bought me a new game for my Nintendo DS and now he has bought me a new camera; and a nice one at that!! The camera is due to be shipped on the 23rd, so I actually have to wait for this gift! In the mean time I read the specs and reviews and looked up pictures taken with the camera on Flickr and I am so freaking excited about it! It even has a 28mm lens so I can take wide angel pictures!

Also, my new phone has been shipped and should be here by Wednesday (my stalking to FedEx’s website has begun)!! I have so many new ‘toys’ to play with (laptop – loving it!!; cellphone; camera; video editing software, etc). Oh! I don’t know how I am going to divide my time between all of them. Ha ha!

Amelia has her one year check up tomorrow. I am very curious to know how much she weighs (as I am always curious about her weight) and even more curious to know how tall she is! I swear she’s grown an inch in the last month! Oh! and I forgot to mention!!! Amelia took two whole steps on Saturday all by herself! And she did it again on Sunday (even when Greg’s Mom and brother were here) and this morning! She’s going to be walking very soon (it took less than a week for her to begin crawling once she did her first few crawls without ‘splatting’ (when Amelia just splats onto the floor – as well call it). I am still in shock that she is a year old now. Gosh, I can’t believe 2007 is over with and how busy that year was. I went through so much in such a short time (still working on my 2007 Review; although I haven’t touched it since last week). I can’t believe that Greg has made all three of my big wishes come true (and he didn’t even know about two of them) and it’s a weird feeling to realize the things that I was wishing for actually come to fruition! Like, dreams aren’t suppose to come true; you’re suppose to have them so you have something to keep you motivated, and yet I’ve had THREE COME TRUE! I don’t have any more dreams to wish for! Well, I do have a few more but I know those will come true with hard work and determination (buying our first house mainly) and sticking to our goals. 

Speaking of goals, Greg was approved for a personal loan! With this loan he is able to pay off his car and his Dell account and still have enough money for us to finally put something into a savings account, do a little Ikea shopping (night stands and a tall dresser are our goal), purchase our plane tickets for our trip to Atlanta, GA and Mobile, AL this spring, and other small odds and ends. Our goal is to maintain our improving credit and establish a decent credit history for 2008. Then in 2009 we’re considering applying for a personal loan (maybe $10K) for the wedding and honeymoon and anything extra from that loan is going to go into a high interest CD to start putting away for a down payment on a house. With this current loan, we’re going to be saving around $300 a month so this is a win-win situation for us. Oh, and Greg can pick up the check tomorrow!!

In other, more girly, news…

This is my off week and the hormones (the physical ones too) are already wreaking havoc on me – more physically than emotionally. My back has been aching so much today. At times I wonder if it’s the bra (as it’s a little too big) so I keep adjusting it with no relief. Then, my stomach feels so physically full, like extended as if I were pregnant, that it aches; not a stomach ache but a ache like it’s being stretched. Oh, and the fatigue is still within me, though that decreased some but not all (I even fell asleep on the couch yesterday afternoon). I don’t want to take ‘the test’ but I’m starting to wonder if i should just to rule that thought out. I’ll wait it out and see if I get my cycle this week…

On the emotional end, I felt a little anger this evening; Greg left his email account open and of course I snooped (he knows I’m going to look if he leaves it open – mainly to make sure he’s keeping his promise to me), there is some positiveness in one regard but on the other I became pissed with a few emails from his ex that were exchanged a few months ago (Greg needs to clean out his sent folder – he has emails going back to 2005! Also, i didn’t get mad at Greg, just what impression I received from her emails and replies). I just don’t understand some people, and this is related to what I wrote back in December; I would elaborate, but I promised Greg a few things regarding his ex and the ‘blog wars’ that could ensue (although neither of us have read her blog for a while as we’ve discussed a few things about the content and the hypocrisy… yadda yadda yadda). So, I should end this paragraph before I say more than I should.

I think that’s all I have to write about. It’s been a few weeks (I think) since I’ve written anything of such volume (1178 words at current count). Guess I should go to bed (even though I could sleep in if Amelia allows). Oh, and I cancelled my dentist appointment; it was for a cleaning anyway and those are easy to re-schedule. I seriously over booked my day! I had an appointment at 10, 12, and 2, plus we had other errands to run in-between the appointments. I was going to drive myself nuts with all this driving.

Also, more on the wedding talk! I was talking to my Mom on the way home and I asked her if she wanted to come wedding dress shopping with me when I am ready and she replied with “Of Course!”. I told her that I didn’t think she would be excited about this wedding because it would be my second but she reassured me that she’s more excited because she feels Greg is an amazing person and thinks we’re perfect for each other so she is very excited about our wedding and marriage (though feels we should use what money we would pay for a wedding to put towards a house). Hearing my Mom say all these positive things about Greg makes me more excited about marrying him. When Adam and I wed, I told my Mom she could plan the reception as I didn’t care; and seriously I didn’t. I wasn’t excited about marrying Adam. This time it’s different; I am so freaking excited about marrying Greg and planning our wedding. I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about walking down the isle towards him and seeing his excitement and happiness on his face. I never imagined how good it feels to be inlove with someone. They always say ‘you know’ when you’ve met your soulmate and I never believed it whole-heartily because i never felt anything remotely as I do now than when I was with Adam; I was so off with Adam and I second guessed many decisions (and many lessons learned) but everything I feel with Greg is concrete and no second guessing what-so-ever. What an amazing feeling this is.

Anyway, I’ve got to go to bed – going to lay on the heating pad for a bit to relax what muscles are causing my discomfort…

Now that it’s December…

Let the good times roll!

Tomorrow is the December edition of the Ralston Social Club! Greg is looking forward to the party, as is Brooke; I think she misses Amelia.

As I’ve mentioned before; my weekends for December are all booked! I don’t think I’ve ever had this much of a social life since high school. It’s nice, don’t get me wrong, but W.O.W!

Before we left for Jay’s, Greg and I did a little clothes shopping (Greg’s letter finally arrived). I did a little window shopping for an outfit to wear to my cousins wedding reception and Greg’s company party (which is set at semi-formal for a Dave and Busters). I didn’t really see that much at Fashion Bug, but I have a few more stores I want to check out before I plop down the dough for a new dress or whatever I decide to buy. After the window shopping (Greg didn’t buy anything either since the store didn’t have the brand he wanted in stock) we had a nice lunch at Chic-fil-a. It’s been ages since I’ve eaten there! I have to give props to the customer service; the place was packed and yet I didn’t have to wait more than 3 minutes in line to place my order. I was very impressed!

Oh, and “IT” has arrived – so no more worrying about what could have been. Though, Greg and I had a heart to heart discussion last night about what could have been. Greg’s only fear is that we wouldn’t be able to financially provide for the baby; which I believe is what everyone fears when they learn their pregnant. Although, Greg did mention that if I were in fact pregnant, the estimated due date would be around Aug or Sept and that is just after he finishes paying off his car (and that’s where the extra money would come from – his lack of a nearly $400 a month car payment). Are we heartbroken that we’re not pregnant? No. We know we’re going to try for another baby in a couple of years – who knows, we could have a honeymoon baby (after all, Amelia is a birthday baby).

Also (I know, my mind is running a mile a minute) – I changed the memory card from my PSP to the camera and realized that I had Amelia’s Third Hair Cut pictures on there! D-oh! I forgot all about those! So, they’re uploaded onto Flickr. Go have a looksie!

And another thing; Greg and I are horrible at keeping surprises from each other. Absolutley horrible. Greg told me what ONE (apparently there are two surprises) of my BIG Christmas presents is: A laptop!!  And, I get to customize the laptop, color and all (of course I am going with Ruby Red)!! Isn’t this an amazing gift?! I’ve been wanting a laptop of my own since my last one died (nearly two years ago)! The next big purchase is going to be Greg’s dream camera, a Canon EOS 40D. We’re hoping/planning on buying that with our tax return money. And, since Greg revealed one of his gifts for me, I allowed him to open one the gifts I got for him: Skullcandy headphones. When Daniel visited me in July (and gave me his PSP), Greg fell inlove with the headphones Daniel had. So, I kept that in mind and found them at FYE at Marley Mall. Paid a much better price than what is listed on Skullcandy’s website!

Well, I’ve become hunry. Afterall, it is nearly 10pm. Time to raid the frige.