123 & And More

Only 123 days until we set sail to the Caribbean again; this time with my best-est girlfriend Michele and her family.

There was a period of about a week that we weren’t sure the cruise was still on (even though Greg and I paid off our balance in June) so Greg and I were debating on what to do – take a different cruise, NCL, which is longer and cheaper, or go back to Disney World and surprise Amelia.  In the event we had to cancel the cruise with Michele we decided to take an NCL cruise and keep our next Disney World trip as planned for January 2013.



Greg and I will be taking the two mandatory classes – the classes that are required to ‘graduate’ from the first time home-buyers program – in August. This means that we are this -><- close to house hunting with the ability to actually purchase! I am getting so freaking excited… whereas Greg, believe it or not, is somewhat getting cold feet! Greg is worried that we’ll pick the wrong house and end up like The Money Pit; also, it’s a little scary that this – the whole house hunting for real – is actually occurring and that a dream that he’s had as long as I’ve know him is about to come true.

Greg and I talk about our ‘house’ daily. Mainly, we talk about our necessities, such as minimum 3 bedrooms (Greg’s) and minimum two toilets (mine), two floors, open kitchen (no galley kitchens!) and a decent yard, as well as things we’re willing to over-look knowing that either it’s a cosmetically change (wood paneling) or something we can enhance or build off later (expanding the kitchen or knocking down/adding a wall).

We’ve informed our landlord of our plans and we’re renewing our lease for another 6 months and then going to a month-to-month lease.

It still seems so surreal! Greg and I could be homeowners in as few as 9 months!


Speaking of 9 months….

I’m 5 days late as of today. I haven’t taken any POAS tests because, frankly, I don’t trust them (and I have living proof as to why). However, I have an appointment later this month with my primary care physician and I’m going to request a blood test to check if things haven’t changed by then.

My cousin April had her baby on July 7th and Greg and I, with Amelia, visited this past weekend and took some amazing photos. Later, Amelia stated that she wants a baby sister and I told her that she’s going to have to ask Daddy, to which she does, and Greg’s response was “you just got a new kitten”. Amelia completely ignored Greg’s response and asks me “Mommy, will the new baby come out of me or you?” Amelia had everyone in the room laughing!



Amelia is doing so well in her summer school/camp. They go on weekly field trips, to a community pool twice a week, and all sorts of activities. I am so happy she’s getting to experience so much more at this new place.

Also, in a few weeks (8-9 I think), Amelia will officially be in pre-school! I can’t believe my little girl is growing up! I can’t believe that 6 months from today Amelia will be 5 years old!! FIVE.YEARS.OLD! Oh.my.gawd.



No Time to Rest


So, so busy but it’s a good busy.

This past Friday, Lisa and I took the day off and drove out to Frederick, MD and checked out a new place for some all-you-can-eat crabs. Long story short, we weren’t impressed. Guess we’ll stick with our place over on the Eastern Shore.

We’re about five and a half months from our first family cruise!

This weekend, Greg is surprising Amelia and me with a new destination. All I know is that we’re still going to be in MD, but to somewhere we haven’t been before. I am very curious as to where we’re going.

On Sunday, we’re heading up to Fort Frederick to attend a BBQ and then on Monday we’re heading down to my Moms to hang out.

Lots of driving this weekend.

When I can’t sleep…

I blog. Sort of. And play Words with Friends.

Why am I up at 2:30am? It’s not like I had a lot of caffeine today. On the plus side, I don’t have to be at work until 11 so I will be able to sleep in… Amelia permitting.

May is such a busy month for us; it’s been non-stop weekends since the beginning and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Eventually, I’d like to write about Easter, my promotion at work, Mother’s Day, Greg’s 33rd birthday, and other events but I don’t know when I’ll have the time (unless I stay up until 2:30am every night).

In other news, I’ve switched schools and I’m now a student of the University of Maryland! My first class begins June 1 and it’s accounting– should be easy, right?

Greg and I have enrolled Amelia into a Summer Camp of sorts. It’s a private school that offers a summer program and it sounds awesome! I hope there are a lot of opportunities for volunteers or chaperones! In addition to the summer school, Amelia is enrolled in Pre-K at the same private school. I can’t believe my baby girl is grown up!

We’re still on for the cruise in November and we’re hoping to get a trip to Ocean City, MD sometime in August before school starts.

Amelia has been asking Greg and I every week since October if we’re going back to Disney World. We tell her that we will go back one day. However, we have a plan: a surprise trip for Amelia’s 6th birthday! We’re totally going be like the Disney commercials where the kids are told once they wake up. Unfortunately, we have to wait a year and a half but that gives us enough time to save for a stay at the Polynesian or Animal Kingdom Lodge.

House hunting is coming along. We are meeting with the financial counselor in June to move on to the next step and we hope to have a home by next Spring at the latest.

So, there is a lot going on in my little world.

Busy Bee

These past few weeks have gone by so fast!

My weekend with Michele was awesome! We hung out and explored parts of Maryland that I’ve never seen, or thought that I’d never visit. And, to Greg’s delight, I managed very well during the long car ride… all thanks to the iPhone 4 and its incredible battery life!

The adventure didn’t stop when we left! When we made it home, Amelia started having some kind of allergic reaction to something; she was breaking out is hives and or rashes all over her body. We took Amelia to urgent care and they had no idea what was going on (wow, what help y’all are) and prescribed a steroid to stop the inflammation. The medication worked, somewhat. Fortunately, we have an appointment with a pediatric dermatologist at Johns Hopkins Childrens Center this week; maybe we’ll learn what is going on with Amelia’s skin.

… … … … …

This week I have to take my final exam! I can’t believe I’ve finished my 6th class. If I earn an A for this course (which I currently have), then that gives me 5 A’s and 1 C and a GPA of 3.66. Not bad, if I so say myself.

… … … … …

We’re only 34 days from our first family vacation! I received some mail from Disney’s Magic Express, which were stickers for our luggage in order to have them delivered to our room when we arrive. Unfortunately, there was an error on our reservation which meant a new booklet needs to be sent. Boo. But, Amelia did have fun with the stickers!

So much on the brain

Life has really picked up recently.

I went to the doctors the last week of June to discuss my ADD and that I am 55+ days late with my cycle and had several negative HPT results (all of which occured when I was pregnant with Amelia) and requested a blood test. I had the blood drawn on July 2 and I haven’t heard back, but not really stressing it either. Then, on July 8 my cycle started; exactly 3 months to the day when my last cycle started. So now I am wondering what’s going on with my hormones and if my PCOS symptoms are returning.

Last week Amelia and I spent a few days down with my Mom. Recently, my Mom was diagnosed with MS and I got to truly see how it affects her; physically and emotionally. My heart hurt so much to see her in such misery. When I left on Friday afternoon, as soon as got into the city where I had cell reception, I immediately texted my brother and Greg about Moms condition and other things. I told them both that we have to get Mom out of her current situation and to live with us (as in Greg, Amelia, and me). Greg told me that he supports me and will do anything to help MY MOM because he cares about her as much as he cares for his Mom. I was crying in my drive home because I am so concerned about her and I want to do everything possible within my power to get her with me and my brother. But, my Mom is just as stubborn as I am.

Also, while visiting my Mom, my cousin and her daughter visited for an entire day. My cousin, April, and her boyfriend are officially trying to conceive their second baby. April and I are trying to get pregnant around the same time together so our children are close in age, like Amelia and Olivia are. I told this to Greg when I came home and reacted the same as any other male.

Our Disney vacation is only 10.5 weeks away! I’m starting to get excited about our week long trip. Although, I think I’m more excited to see Amelia’s reactions throughout the trip than anything else.

I’ve started to do some shopping for our trip by buying Disney themed items for Amelia. I’ve bought her a Tinkerbell Sundress and Tinkerbell Crocs. My high school friend that I recently did a photo shoot for is making Amelia a Minnie Mouse dress (similar to a dress that I saw on eBay), and I was looking at other Tinkerbell themed items such as lanyards, backpacks, etc to get Amelia all excited.

I’ve recently started my 5th class. This class is to learn more advanced functions on Excel. I submitted my first lab assignment last night and it took two days to complete due to the extensiveness of the assignment. I was not prepared to work that hard. LOL.

Monthly Update

It’s (almost) Summer time which means POOL TIME!

I love swimming. Like,  borderline addiction, love. And, I am so excited that Amelia is potty trained because that means we will be spending every free moment at the community pool!

We took Amelia on Monday for her first swim. She didn’t care for it at first but with in minutes she was jumping off the side of the pool! See for your self:

Or, better yet, watch a clip:

As you can tell, we have a camera that we can take underwater. Actually, it’s a underwater housing unit that we bought for my point and shoot camera to use on the cruise but never had the opportunity.


As previously mentioned, May was one helleva busy month. I had a photography gig and shot for 56Kay (all the pictures on their site were taken by me) and ended up meeting Matt Beilis (you should also check out his YouTube page; he’s awesome).

Matt Beilis and his band:

(I have a thing for drummers)

I love going to live shows; they’re so much fun. And, I get to meet and hang out with really awesome people.


School is keeping me busy… sorta. This particular course is kinda on the too easy side, so I don’t really pay that much attention to the lecture and breeze through the lab and quiz. I’ve maintained an A for the course without much effort. The next two classes that start next month are going to much more challenging as one of them is psychology.


The photography gig at the local hospital is going well. The commissions are starting to roll in and each week is a nice surprise! It’s kind of funny (in the non-haha way), I’ve noticed that I generate more sales in the two days that I work than the other chick does in the 5 days that she works (and she’s been working as a photographer for 2 years). I don’t know if it’s because I’m more sociable to the new parents, or that I (possibly) take better pictures. Though, it’s not like I am complaining, but a thought of interest that occurred to me.


We’re 3 months and twenty some-number of days until we arrive at Disney World! Amelia is getting so excited about meeting all her favorite characters. I’m starting to get a little excited as well, though I think it will really sink in once we reach August…. which at the rate the  months are flying by, it’ll be here soon!


We don’t have any concrete Summer plans. I was talking to my Mom about taking a girls trip to Ocean City, MD during the week at some point and she’s keen with that idea. The reason we’d visit during the week, aside from obvious reasons: cheaper room rates and low crowds, is because I have a shit load of vacation days to use; like in excess of 20+ days. And, it’s totally sad that I had a mild anxiety attack when I calculated and confirmed with HR how many days I have left… because I don’t want to miss work. I’m a freak. I know. It’s just that I hate having work pile up while I am gone. Because there isn’t anyone to replace me when I am out. Talk about job security, right? So, I’m going to have to find something to do and go to during the week to burn off some days. Joy.


I’m enrolling Amelia in dance classes this summer!


It’s been a busy week for me. Thankfully, the weekend job was on the light side. I did learn, however, that one of the babies I photographed on Saturday ended up going into the NICU so the mother was very thankful that we were able to get pictures done.  Though, I should add this mother was a drug addict and the baby boy was going through withdrawals. Sadly, this isn’t the first mother I’ve met at the hospital that has a baby going through withdrawal. Unfortunately, the hospital that I am assigned to has a predominate population of drug addicts, low income, etc.  I don’t judge them because there’s no point.


On Saturday we went to our park, Ft. Smallwood, and did our bi-weekly grilling which consisted of a marinated pork loin, chicken sausage, hot dogs, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, and a marinated London broil. We cook this much to feed us as our lunch and dinners for a week.

Amelia had a good time, as usual.

Mimi just chilling

It was really windy on Saturday so we ended up on the other side of the park.

We were to meet with some friends of mine but we had to reschedule.


So, I should be working on my school paper but I’m not. Instead I am filling out job applications to work as a civilian in the Federal Government. It’s not my first choice of a career given the reputation of Government jobs, but it’s one that I know will allow me to provide for my family (current and any future additions). Also, I’m hoping my Bachelors in Business Administration will score some bonus points!


Speaking of family… Greg and I are I guess what you can say as “trying to conceive” for our second. Amelia is ready to be a Big Sister — she’s even telling everyone that she has a baby brother on the way!! She must know something that I don’t. LOL Though, we’re not really trying but more like … if it happens, great; if not… then at least we tried.


Our Disney trip is only five months away! I am excited about going this time as opposed as last year. Also, we’re taking my Mom (or treat) and she’s even admitted to be excited even though she’d rather we save our money for a house. I’m just eagerly anticipating the free dining promotion to be announced, which I was able to take advantage of last year.  I have already made our “ADR’s” (advanced dining reservations), even to the places I didn’t think I’d actually get a decent time for!


Our weekends are starting to book-up with plans. We have a few photography gigs beginning in May and throughout the summer, a college graduation to attend, the monthly RSC’s, a few air shows to participate in, as well as a few visits to the beach (hopefully). I like having plans in advance; it gives me something to look forward to and will help the time go by fast.


This weekend is Greg’s 32nd birthday! A few weeks ago I made dinner reservations at Fogo de Chao.  My friend Jay and his wife, Leslee, go on a regular basis and love it and one night I was chatting with Jay and he really recommended it so I made the reservation. I’ve also ordered a cake from my favorite bakery, Sugar Bakers. I ordered Greg’s favorite cake, Red Velvet, in the shape of a baseball. The cake should look something like this:

But much prettier. I plan on surprising Greg with the cake, though I’ll probably end of giving it to him early since I am picking up the cake on Friday.