Life is Full of Changes

Whew! There are some serious changes going on right now. For Greg and me!


  • I’m already down 87 pounds and it hasn’t even been 6 months since surgery! And, I’ve started to sell some of my clothes online to make room for new clothes. Can you believe that I am can now fit comfortably in a size 18?! Prior to surgery I was wearing a 24/26/28 in bottoms and 28/30 in tops (I’m bigger on the top than on the bottom); now, I’m wearing a 16/18 on top and a 18 on bottom! I can only imagine what size I’ll be when I reach my first ‘surgerversry’! This is exciting because my office is moving to Downtown at the end of the year and we’re expected to dress up (more than our current business casual), and I’ll finally be able to buy nice clothes and not pay three times as much because they’re plus size (which I find stupid anyway – the cost difference between a L and a 2X shouldn’t be twice). This is almost mind boggling to me. There are so many subtle changes that I’ve noticed, physically, that I didn’t think about before the surgery. Either way, I am enjoying this. I just need to get more active and start going back to the gym.
  • Work is starting to pick up in a big way. I’m going to be the lead in a pretty big project which is slightly terrifying and exciting at the same time. And, I’ll get to fly out to Houston in October, again. I had a blast last year and I plan on having fun this year.
  • My heath is pretty good. I no longer have type two diabetes; my A1C is well within normal range (not even close to ‘pre-diabetic’). Even my asthma is better… at the moment. I’m pretty sensitive to the weather, so earlier it was flaring up, but it’s calmed down a lot. My depression is being well managed now, and the perfectionism has been more prominent for the past month or two. Like, every night I wash, dry, and put away the clothes and towels that were used that day. It’s a bit crazy, I know.


  • Greg is enjoying the working life. He’s getting along with everyone, and everyone likes him! Everyone keeps telling him that he’s going to advance quickly, and I believe it.
  • Greg’s weight loss surgery is less than 2 months away! I’m so excited for him. I’ve already requested a week off to be home during his recovery period. That first 3 weeks is rough; there’s no actual eating – it’s all liquid – and you miss chewing and feeling food in your mouth. It was rough and I was so happy to begin the pureed stage.
  • Greg has freedom, finally! I can’t elaborate, but my persistence to getting things corrected has paid off. I can’t even begin to express how happy I am for him.

The girls are doing well. Amelia has started the 4th grade. I can’t believe she’ll be in middle school soon. Sofia is doing very well at daycare. I’m hoping to get Sofia into pre-k next year so she’ll be going to school with Amelia at the same time. Otherwise, I don’t think they’ll be in the same school at any other point in the future.

I am so ready for summer to be over, and for fall and winter to begin. I miss the cooler temperatures so much. Although, I don’t have any clothes for the cooler temperatures… nor a jacket (not that I wore a jacket any other time), but that can change soon.

Today, Monday 8/29/16, and tomorrow I am in a “UAT for the BA” training class. So far, it’s a bit repetitious, but that’s a good thing since I was kind of thrown into the UAT world. Plus, the more certifications I can earn, the more valuable I’ll be seen. Plus, it’s interesting and I’m learning a lot about the back-end of products.

Well, class is about to begin…


So much on the brain

Life has really picked up recently.

I went to the doctors the last week of June to discuss my ADD and that I am 55+ days late with my cycle and had several negative HPT results (all of which occured when I was pregnant with Amelia) and requested a blood test. I had the blood drawn on July 2 and I haven’t heard back, but not really stressing it either. Then, on July 8 my cycle started; exactly 3 months to the day when my last cycle started. So now I am wondering what’s going on with my hormones and if my PCOS symptoms are returning.

Last week Amelia and I spent a few days down with my Mom. Recently, my Mom was diagnosed with MS and I got to truly see how it affects her; physically and emotionally. My heart hurt so much to see her in such misery. When I left on Friday afternoon, as soon as got into the city where I had cell reception, I immediately texted my brother and Greg about Moms condition and other things. I told them both that we have to get Mom out of her current situation and to live with us (as in Greg, Amelia, and me). Greg told me that he supports me and will do anything to help MY MOM because he cares about her as much as he cares for his Mom. I was crying in my drive home because I am so concerned about her and I want to do everything possible within my power to get her with me and my brother. But, my Mom is just as stubborn as I am.

Also, while visiting my Mom, my cousin and her daughter visited for an entire day. My cousin, April, and her boyfriend are officially trying to conceive their second baby. April and I are trying to get pregnant around the same time together so our children are close in age, like Amelia and Olivia are. I told this to Greg when I came home and reacted the same as any other male.

Our Disney vacation is only 10.5 weeks away! I’m starting to get excited about our week long trip. Although, I think I’m more excited to see Amelia’s reactions throughout the trip than anything else.

I’ve started to do some shopping for our trip by buying Disney themed items for Amelia. I’ve bought her a Tinkerbell Sundress and Tinkerbell Crocs. My high school friend that I recently did a photo shoot for is making Amelia a Minnie Mouse dress (similar to a dress that I saw on eBay), and I was looking at other Tinkerbell themed items such as lanyards, backpacks, etc to get Amelia all excited.

I’ve recently started my 5th class. This class is to learn more advanced functions on Excel. I submitted my first lab assignment last night and it took two days to complete due to the extensiveness of the assignment. I was not prepared to work that hard. LOL.